“It will go by”: Trump reverts to pandemic denial in outrageous Fox & Friends interview

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Having stumbled through his last big TV interview with Axios‘ Jonathan Swan and proven that he has as little grasp of the facts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as a kindergartener faced with an advanced calculus test, Donald Trump tried to get back on the media horse this morning to try to salvage what’s left of his reputation in the less intellectually rigorous setting of Fox News.

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In an interview on Fox & Friends, Trump went unchallenged when he blithely spouted blatantly false statements that perhaps only doctors who also believed in the medical danger of nocturnal demonic visits would agree with.

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Amazingly, six months after the first recorded case of COVID-19 in America, Trump is still offering up the idea that the coronavirus will eventually go away on its own as his only palliative for the pandemic and is spreading misinformation about the immune systems of children and their susceptibility to catching the deadly disease to the point that it could likely be considered child abuse.

Add your name to demand Congress reject Trump’s dictatorial call to delay the election!

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Despite the daily statistics of new cases and deaths from the outbreaks around the country, some from states entering their second wave of the disease, Trump continued to pat himself and his administration on the back for the “incredible job” they’ve done in response.

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Spreading false notions about COVID wasn’t the only B.S. that Trump was slinging during his phone interview, as the clips below demonstrate.

Unsurprisingly, Trump used the opportunity to advance his campaign to lay the groundwork for disputing his likely loss to Joe Biden in November.

Intelligent seniors would be wise to follow something close to the advice heard in the countless pharmaceutical ads they are bombarded with every day: “ask your doctor if in-person voting is right for you.”

The chances of finding a doctor recommending that at-risk seniors take such a risky action rather than vote by mail is rather small but remember that some people will say anything if enough money is involved.

The shaky statistical analysis that Trump displayed in his Axios interview was still being trotted out on Fox & Friends, albeit unchallenged this time by his interviewers.

Trump’s narcissism and paranoia continue to lead the president to think that every effort made by Democrats to protect public health is motivated by politics rather than by the desire to reduce the death count from the pandemic.

Such self-interested obsessions have seemingly prevented Trump from developing anything close to a plan for the second term he is seeking.

Trump’s shameless violation of the rules separating his official government duties from his campaigning has never been more obvious, nor more likely to result in sanctions, immune as the president is from the opprobrium of the Republican-controlled Senate.

Of course, no airtime on Fox News would be complete for the president without some loudly blown dog whistles to his deplorable base.

While Trump’s interview with Fox & Friends this morning did nothing to salvage his reputation with those who haven’t been sipping away at his Kool-Aid for years, it did help cement his image as a deceptive and delusional moron for the rest of the country.

If Trump wants to have a chance to win the election, he needs to go back to his bunker for the next 3 months.

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Everytime he appears on TV and opens his mouth, he digs himself a deeper and deeper hole.

Joe Biden’s campaign strategy of just letting Trump be Trump is working spectactularly.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox and by The Recount.

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