Trump’s worst interview ever graphically displays his failure to understand the pandemic crisis

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It is a video clip that should be required viewing for every American eligible to cast a ballot in November’s presidential election.

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Axios’s Jonathan Swan scored an exclusive interview with Donald Trump at the White House recently which premiered as part of the weekly Axios program on HBO last night.

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Unlike many other broadcast journalists, with perhaps the exception of Fox News‘ Chris Wallace, Swan seemed completely willing to challenge the president when, as he invariably does in these situations, he veers into his falsified political spin mode and starts spouting counterfactual claims from the realm of magical thinking.

The decision to accept the interview invitation may prove to have been a calamitous mistake on Trump’s part, particularly if the video clip attached below gets any significant viewership.

Not only does Swan have no problem calling out the president’s faulty logic and mathematical deficiencies, but he does so with charts and graphs provided by Trump himself.

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The resulting interaction demonstrates either how little understanding Trump has of the extent of the pandemic and its trajectory or how willingly he tries to manipulate facts with a sleight of hand worthy of the most skilled three-card monte dealers on the planet.

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Take a look for yourself.

Add your name to demand Congress reject Trump’s dictatorial call to delay the election!

Yes, America is currently stuck with a president who is either too dumb to understand how to compare apples to apples or with one who is trying to sell you oranges while swearing that they are indeed absolutely, positively apples.

One has to admire Jonathan Swan for pushing back against the president’s illogical explanations of statistics that are easily fact-checked in a forum where Trump is unable to simply avoid answering uncomfortable questions by pointing his finger at another reporter and moving on to the next topic.

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You also have to give him credit for not flinching when Trump leans forward past the 6-foot social distancing limit to hand him the papers with the graphs and charts.

Show this clip to anyone who hasn’t imbibed the hallucinatory Trump Kool-Aid and they will find it difficult to vote for a man with this level of cognitive incapabilities to continue as America’s president.

Thus it is your imperative, dear reader, to forward this video to everyone you know and to follow through by checking your voter registration status and casting your ballot to remove the man who is simultaneously too imbecilic and too slitheringly deceptive to continue to remain in the White House.

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