Trump faces off with Jim Acosta after the CNN reporter demands he face reality

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According to Donald Trump, anything said by anyone associated with CNN is automatically “FAKE NEWS!” no matter how factually-based it may be.

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Trump’s reflexive denial of the truth being told by the cable news network has been particularly egregious since the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year.

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After all, while it may be difficult to ascertain the truth behind allegations of Russian collusion and other potential crimes committed behind the secrecy of closed-door huddles, it’s more difficult to argue with the cold, hard facts of medical statistics about caseloads and deaths attributed to COVID-19.

That hasn’t deterred Donald Trump in the least.

While speaking with reporters today at the White House, Trump droned on about what a tremendous job his administration has been doing in handling the effects of the pandemic in this country, continuing to peddle false information about his favorite “miracle cure”  drug, hydroxychloroquine, in the process.

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Only CNN‘s Jim Acosta, a frequent thorn in the president’s tiny paw, had the temerity to challenge Trump’s fictional painting of the federal response to the crisis as successful.

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Acosta barely had time to begin his question and hadn’t even the time to cite the actual statistics when he interrupted the president’s fairy tale with a sharp left turn towards reality.

“The U.S. has so many deaths,” Acosta began.

Trump wouldn’t let him finish before interjecting, “Hold it!”

“So many countries around the world…,” the CNN corrspondent tried to resume his question.

Trump refused to allow Acosta to get his point of comparison with the much more controlled outbreaks of the virus in other major Western countries before bursting in with paranoid accusations.

“Fake news CNN,” he said. “Hold it. We have done a great job in this country. We haven’t been given enough — not me, Vice President Pence, the task force — have not been given the kind of credit.”

The president mistakenly used the word “credit,” rather than the more appropriate “blame,” to describe what he and his administration deserve for their feeble and politically-motivated lessons.

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His contention that the administration’s task force “has done a great job” in dealing with the virus is seemingly not an opinion shared by anyone outside his immediate circle since most people only need to look around themselves to see how disconnected from reality the president’s propagandistic fantasy world is.

You can watch the exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and Donald Trump in the video clips below.

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