August 16, 2022

Drunken Trump supporter exposes himself and slaps a woman before getting what he deserves

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Even in Florida, they have limits.


It may be a state with a large population of Trump supporters — a group whose population is likely shrinking faster than that of Democrats who don’t consider the wearing of a face mask during a pandemic to be a political statement — but even such relatively friendly environs, a Trump-loving, drunken and half-naked white supremacist will face problems when he tries to expose himself in front of children and then goes on to slap an objecting mother in the face with a powerful open-handed swing.

Just ask Nicholas Aaron Schock, who found himself in exactly that situation on Friday in Nokomis in Sarasota County, Florida.

The heavily-tattooed Schock was caught on video when he was asked to zip up his shorts to cover his pubic area around a family with children.

The camera caught his seemingly intoxicated reaction as he demands that the employees of the establishment whose premises he was disgracing “call Donald Trump,” as if the president was his personal savior and get out of jail free card.

“I’m a white supremacist!” Schock goes on to declare. “The Aryan nation will rule the world!” he shouted to anyone who might care about the reasons for his display of human inferiority and his affiliation with an insane notion of a master race.

“If you don’t know Donald Trump, I’m not going nowhere,” the drunken racist insisted. He followed that staement up with an obscene sexual threat.

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At this point, a woman comes up to him and again tries to get him to pull up his pants before exposing his pitiful junk to the children present.

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Schock was soon regretting his next move, which was to slap the woman with his open palm as hard as he could.

A group of men in the crowd reached their limit with that assault.

They tackled Schock to the ground and did their best imitation of Minneapolis police officers pinning George Floyd to the ground, putting the assailant into a chokehold and pinning his chest down with a knee.v

Unlike Floyd’s murderers, however, they let him up before his breathing ceased.

After the Sarasota County police arrived on the scene, they booked him on charges of battery and disturbing the peace.

He was brought to the Sarasota County Jail where he was held on a $620 bond.

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You can watch the entire shameful incident in the video attached below as you ponder why this man — a prime example of the legendarily stupid “Florida man,” a type who appears in so many bizarre stories emanating from the Sunshine state — thinks that Donald Trump’s presidency gives him license to behave this way.

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Original reporting by Alberto Luperon at Law & Crime.

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