August 13, 2022

Trump spends his Saturday golfing and tweeting while Congress fails to pass new relief bill

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The country, indeed the whole world, is falling apart from a deadly pandemic.


The economy is stumbling from the body blows it has received and is about to crash to the pavement.

Cultural polarization has ripped American unity asunder transforming simple medical precautions into bold political statements.

And Donald Trump was too busy spending his morning at the golf course to even post a single ill-informed tweet promoting his fascistic and idiotic “solutions” to the nation’s ills before his rounds were over.

Of course, when he finally did decide to sully the strands of the internet with his dubious pronouncements, he did so with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, that vengeance was aimed squarely at the forehead of one of the few Trump administration officials who retains a shred of credibility in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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Poor Dr. Fauci has to contend with a president whose failure to grasp basic rudimentary concepts about the relationship between testing for the coronavirus and its transmission has made him a global laughing stock with the inhabitants of the United States as the butt of Trump’s cruel joke of a severely diminished intellect.

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The decisive president has come down squarely on one side of the age-old question of whether a tree in the woods has actually fallen if there is no one there to see it.

One wouldn’t normally think that Trump was so conversant in deeply debated arguments of phenomenological philosophy, but since his ignorance apparently knows no bounds, believing that one can ignore and dismiss as non-existent that which is not measured fits in perfectly with his policy of ignoring the data that indicates that the world is heading for a massive climate change disaster — in a much shorter timeframe than anyone but Greta Thunberg and her adherents are willing to admit —  and puts the president’s thinking right at the center of questions about the nature of human consciousness.

Apparently thinking that one tweet on the subject of virus testing wasn’t quite enough to make his point, trump retweeted some of his earlier gems on the subject as a followup.

Forget the fact that no reputable medical professional — save for a few who believe in nocturnal demonic sexual possession and hydroxychloroquine — would agree with a thing that Trump is trying to salvage his re-election campaign with.

The president simply can’t be convinced that people who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus will still be infectious and capable of spreading the disease whether they are tested or not.

Trump further displayed his imbecility with his next original tweet, one where he completely misses the point that CNN’s Jake Tapper was trying to make about the brazen recklessness of the president’s meeting with a group of unmasked supporters at a Tampa airport yesterday in Florida, one of the hottest “red zone” epicenters of coronavirus in the country.

It doesn’t matter that his supporters were police officers or a bunch of cub scouts. The example set by greeting these folks without social distancing or ubiquitous face coverings is exactly why Trump’s poll numbers are down so far and any endorsement by people just as stupid as himself just helps Democrats clear the path for a landslide victory in November, absent electoral interference by the GOP and any foreign power looking to keep their errand boy in power.

Check back in two to three weeks to see which of the participants in this mask-free non-rally are on ventilators by that point.

Trump lapsed into short-hand non-sequiturs with his next post which resembled an incomplete mathematical equation begging for an answer.

The correct answer  — in case this equation ever makes it onto the SATs — is payroll tax cut plus dollars equals a destabilization of our nation’s Social Security and Medicare financial foundation and are a prelude to massive cuts in social services at a time when we need more, not fewer, government resources dedicated to protecting the lives of our vulnerable seniors and the disabled as well as the millions of unemployed who are soon to be homeless now that eviction and foreclosure moratoriums are ending.

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Trump still wasn’t done with his afternoon posting, having seemingly refreshed his tiny Twitter fingers with his morning golf excursion.

He still had room to vent his bile toward Never-Trump Republicans, that small faction of the GOP with both sufficient intellect and a modicum of morals remaining to help them realize what a disaster the trump presidency has been.

Let’s hope that as many people as possible avoid getting the “Trump thing” which would likely require earplugs and blinders, as well as a mask, to prevent one from being infected with this serious disease of both the brain and the soul.

It’s an interesting question to

Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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