August 13, 2022

Trump complains about Biden’s solution to a problem the president is just finally acknowledging

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Despite a record of littering Twitter with insane and offensive tweets even before he became president, Donald Trump still retains the ability to shock the American public with his posts.


While the posts that the president made when he first returned from his ritualistic golf outing today were bad enough, some of those that he’s posted subsequently this afternoon rank among his most surprising.

Who could have imagined the day when this particular president would get on a soapbox and declare that income equality had gone too far and that changes must be enacted immediately?

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It takes a second to realize that the only income inequality that Trump cares about is the fact that Amazon czar Jeff Bezos — who also owns one of the banes of the president’s existence, The Washington Post — has more money than he does.

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That envy green just doesn’t go with that orange complexion, Donnie. Even the color-blind can tell you that.

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This is the man that did everything in his power to pass the Republican billionaire tax cut legislation that shifted the tax burden even further to the poor and middle class while enabling the very economic system that allowed Mr. Bezos to expand his fortune to obscene levels.

As such, Trump’s sincerity in regards to income inequality rings hollower than his cranial cavity.

Speaking of ringing hollow, what about a book endorsement from the notoriously literature adverse president?

The man who struggles to read a teleprompter without lapsing into hilarious malapropisms wants us to believe that he’s actually read — or even listened to the audiobook version of — his political allies’ latest tomes.

Hence these two tweets hyping the latest word collections from an infamous White House lawyer responsible for the Bush administration’s justification for violating Torture prohibitions and from one his few remaining friends at Fox News.

At least Trump hasn’t reached the point of burning, rather than trying to sell, books…yet.

For all of his false braggadocio about quickly resolving income inequality,  Trump just three tweets later reverts to his usual Biden-bashing rhetoric by claiming that his Democratic rival will do one of the few things that could actually lead to a reversal of financial disparities between the ruling oligarchs and the common folk: raise taxes on the rich.

Well, no one ever complimented Trump on his logic and consistency of thought processes, at least not recently.

Somehow, it doesn’t register in the president’s lumpen brain that going back to the tax rates the nation had when Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress recovered from the 2008 financial crisis ushered in by his Republican predecessor George W. Bush might seem mighty attractive these days.

That millions of jobs have already disappeared because of his extreme mismanagement of the pandemic doesn’t seem to cross his mind either.

The fact that the stock market has continued to prosper and grow despite disastrous financial fundamentals, indicates that the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is propping up the portfolios of the rich quite nicely for the time being, at least until the wave of foreclosures and evictions that are imminent overwhelm the financial system’s ability to absorb further losses.

The biggest issue that Trump fails to grasp is the fact that fear tactics won’t work on dissuading voters from believing that anyone could do a better job than he currently is demonstrating in allaying the fears that everyone is facing right now — not in some distant fictional future.

One has to wonder where Trump thinks the money that pays for his security while playing golf at his own resort comes from.

He’s already admitted that he thinks that only stupid, little people pay taxes, so his antipathy toward taxation fits right into the traditional Republican small government mold.

No wonder that, without fail, the economy crashes or at least goes into recession during Republican administrations.

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Trump may want to try to scare voters by predicting that taxes will rise under President Biden, but to many people, the idea of taxing the rich — who have hijacked the lion’s share of the American economy over the last 40 years — seems like the best solution out there.

Where else will the government get the money it needs to rebuild this country if not from the only people who still have any after Trump’s term of destruction?

It’s time to vote this highly unsuitable jackass out of office so we can ignore his tweets without peril.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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