Congressman Gohmert is slammed by Rep. Swalwell over the libertarian hypocrisy of his virus “cure”

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While it’s difficult not feeling a bit guilty about the outpouring of schadenfreude the one may have felt pulsing on the interwebs when one of America’s most regressive conservative ideologues, Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX), announced that he had contracted COVID-19, it’s hard to argue that the anti-masker didn’t bring his medical misfortune upon himself.

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After all, not only did Rep. Gohmert repeatedly refuse to wear a mask in the halls of Congress, he reportedly berated any of his staff members who wore one, left his cooties in the Congressional gym after receiving his diagnosis, and called an in-person meeting to announce his positive test results to his staff.

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Obviously, Gohmert is not the brightest bulb in the House of Representatives.

One of the Democratic legislators who is among his parties rising luminaries, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), called his Republican colleague out on his hypocrisy after Gohmert tweeted out his decision to treat his coronavirus infection with the same drug regimen that the noted promoter of medical malpractice Donald Trump has recommended — including hydroxychloroquine the malaria drug that the FDA has revoked approval of for use against COVID-19 after finding that it was neither safe nor effective.

Congressman Swalwell began his tweet with a polite wish for a speedy and successful recovery for his Texas counterpart in the House, before offering an ironic thank you to one of the GOP’s leading opponents of a woman’s right to choose their own course of action in dealing with a very different medical condition, their pregnancy.

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Funny how Republicans’ libertarian leanings only seem to emerge when a woman’s body is not involved.

The value that Gohmert places on medical decision-making being made between a patient and their doctor seems to only apply to COVID-19 in his mind.

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Displaying a complete misunderstanding of the role of the 1st Amendment in restricting the rights of private companies to eliminate harmfully false misinformation about the pandemic from their platforms, Gohmert taunts “the tech tyrants” over their recent practice of deleting dangerous posts propagating clearly scientifically-false information.

Gohmert fails to explain why he thinks “government bureaucrats” are perfectly welcome to determine the ability of a woman to control the status of her pregnancy but are anathema to the determination of treatment in coronavirus cases.

Hats off to Congressman Eric Swalwell for shoving Gohmert’s hypocrisy into his COVID-19-laden nose.

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