Video shows white woman call her Black neighbor the N-word and “Aunt Jemima”

There seems to be no end to the steady stream of racist videos flooding social media. The pattern by now is all too familiar: a white person approaches a person of color yelling racial slurs or similar harassment, the encounter is caught on video and goes viral, and then the aggressor usually ends up losing their job or facing some kind of criminal charges.

While the behavior of some of these aggressive, vocal bigots can certainly be attributed to the fact that our hateful president regularly emboldens them with his rhetoric, these problems existed long before Donald Trump slithered into the White House. Historically, these incidents would have gone unseen except for those immediately present for them. The proliferation of smartphones has changed that and now we’re getting an unvarnished 1080p high-definition look at what goes on in this country on a daily basis.

The latest clip comes to us from Staten Island, New York. It shows a woman unleashing a shockingly racist tirade on her neighbor, a Black NYPD officer. SIlive reports that the woman, Lenore Arce, has had a barrage of complaints filed against her over the twenty past years she’s lived in the neighborhood.

Lisa Williams, the Black officer being accosted in the video, told SIlive the verbal harassment occurs “every day” for “no reason.”

“This woman is a nuisance, she’s been a nuisance to everyone who lives in this neighborhood. It’s just too much and it’s not stopping,” said Williams.

Numerous neighbors confirmed to SIlive that Arce is indeed a neighborhood menace.

“I got to look out my window before I come out. If I see her outside, I won’t go out. But as soon as you step out of your house, she comes running out,” explained one anonymous neighbor.

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The video is disturbing to watch.

“You’re a f*cking sick negro and I’m going to keep pushing until you get f*cked,” Arce can be heard screaming out her window in the video. Some of her comments are so rage-inflected and poorly articulated as to be almost impossible to decipher.

“Put it up your f*cking n*****r ass,” the woman goes on, seemingly saying something about having Williams arrested. “You  f*cking piece of Black trash. Black trash! Black trash!”

The video then appears to lapse in time and then Arce can be heard moaning, “Oh am I afraid of the negro? The negro’s recording. Oh, the n****r recording. Am I scared? Grow the f*ck up n****r!”

Another time-lapse occurs and then Arce is outside, filming over the fence, and telling the officer to take as “many pictures” as she wants while asserting that it’s her property. She mocks Williams, calling her “Aunt Jemima.” The video ends with her repeating some of her earlier insults.

The video is a shocking example of the most unapologetic brand of racism and is all the more surprising for how little the white woman clearly cares about being filmed. Some people are so comfortable in their racism, so actively proud of it that they don’t care if the whole world sees them engaging in it.

Watch the shocking encounter below.

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