Video shows white couple harassing friendly Hispanic man over his “ghetto” fruit stand


In recent weeks we have witnessed a seemingly ceaseless deluge of viral videos hit the internet showing white people harassing people of color in shockingly overt racist encounters. The clips invariably spread like wildfire, often leading to job loss for the aggressors and even criminal investigations in some cases, and yet still people insist on behaving with bigotry as cameras are running.

KHTS reports that the latest such video circulating through the web comes from Canyon Country, California and shows Renee McAlonis and Mike Foster, owners of Bergie’s Bar And Grill, accosting a Hispanic man and telling him his fruit stand is “illegal.” When the vendor replies that the stand wasn’t harming anyone, Foster snaps at him.

“Get it the f*ck out of here!” Foster says, apparently unhinged by the mere sight of delicious, fresh fruit,  adding that the stand looks “like sh*t.” The vendor remains calm and tries to defuse the situation, but the couple proves implacable.

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“It needs to f*cking go,” Foster insists, brushing off an offer of friendship from the vendor. Realizing he’s getting nowhere with the angry, overly aggressive man, the vendor asks him to leave since the police have already been called.

Instead of acquiescing, Foster sits down and stares at him, arms crossed as he begins bugging him to provide proof of permits and that he pays taxes. The clip ends with the involved parties settling down to wait for law enforcement.


The entire video is a blatant display of racism and a sobering reminder that in some places people of color can’t even go to work without being hounded needlessly by white people. Foster and McAlonis were so angered that something they deemed “ghetto” was disrupting their vision of their bigoted, white utopia that they decided to get the police involved and ruin an innocent, hard-working man’s day. There is simply no excuse for this behavior.

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