March 25, 2023

Video shows white woman harassing Black pedestrian: “F**ckhead!”

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The Age of Trump has proven to be the Age of Viral Racist Videos. It seems that hardly a day goes by now without a clip of some white person accosting, harassing, or physically threatening a person of color exploding across social media. Apparently, having an avowed bigot in the White House has convinced racists that their racism is once again socially palatable.

Often, these racist menaces are more than willing to proudly voice their hatreds even with cameras rolling. As awareness spreads that such videos can result in all manner of consequences from loss of employment to criminal charges, we can expect these white people to be a little more cautious around cameras. Such appears to be the case with a new video spreading across Twitter.

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The video appears to show a white woman following a Black man and verbally heckling him as he makes his way peacefully through a quiet neighborhood. Unbeknownst to her, another person is following behind her, filming the entire encounter.

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Despite the woman’s harassment, the man manages to maintain his cool and repeatedly asks the woman to leave him be and stop “interrogating” him. He tells her to “have a nice day” and tries to walk away, at which point she appears to call him a “f*ckhead” and tells him to “get out of here.” It seems that the mere presence of the Black man infuriates her.

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The woman filming then interjects on the man’s behalf, telling the woman to let him walk in peace. Soon after, the harasser turns, sees the camera, and stops dead in her tracks, visibly surprised that her racism has been caught on camera. She then moves closer to the woman filming and says “come here.” The woman refuses at which point the harasser flees.

Watch the shameful video below.

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