The latest anti-Trump social media star is George and Kellyanne Conway’s daughter

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In the tumultuous world of White House staff, few have been able to hang onto their positions as long as the senior counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway.

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Yet despite her ferocious defenses of Donald Trump in her frequent media appearances, her marriage to George Conway — conservative attorney, co-founder of the anti-Trump coalition of Republican dissidents, The Lincoln Project,  and one of the most prominent critics of the debacle of a man installed in the Oval Office — has led some to question whether her dedication to the president is genuine or whether it is a calculated act designed to maintain her access to power and a hefty salary.

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Those questions will become even more pronounced now that Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne and George, has been revealed to be as much of a vocal critic of her mom’s boss on social media as her father is.

Unlike her parents, the younger Ms. Conway prefers TikTok rather than Twitter as her social media platform of choice and has uploaded her opinions and thoughts as brief video snippets rather than tweets of less than 280 characters.

Described by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz as “an outspoken leftist TikToker” and a BLM supporter, Claudia Conway is either the apple that fell far from her mother’s tree or else a sign that the tree isn’t truly expressing its real opinions on Fox News but ornamenting its branches in MAGA paraphernalia for show and lucre.

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Lorenz posted examples of Claudia Conway’s TikTok posts that expressed her solidarity with her father’s anti-Trump fervor on his own Twitter feed for those who may have been unaware of how wide the political divide in the Conway family has grown.

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Whether or not the progressive political views of her daughter indicate that Kellyanne Conway is being less than sincere in her defenses of Donald Trump and his administration, one thing is clear.

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While her daughter Claudia may resemble her mother in her physical appearance, she takes after her father in the area where it really counts — her still-developing political consciousness.

Once the Trump administration is driven from office, at least the Conway family has the makings of a potential hit reality show on their hands. All they’ll have to do is record the conversation s over their family dinners.

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Original reporting by Alex Henderson at AlterNet.

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