“Indefensible”: Trump retweets, then deletes “white power” video after Black GOP senator’s reprimand

Donald Trump’s affinity for the KKK and other white supremacist advocacy groups finally has the president on the defensive as public pressure forced him to delete a controversial video that he retweeted earlier today that included one of his supporters at a Florida retirement community openly calling for “white power.”

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Trump originally sent the tweet to thank his fans at The Villages retirement community for unrepentant racists (although that last descriptor is apparently not an official part of the name of the development) this morning, and it immediately created a furor for the blatancy of its cries of racial superiority.

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After Trump surrogates were put in the difficult position of defending the president’s actions on Sunday morning news programs, the president deleted his post, although the original tweet containing the offensive racism was still on Twitter as part of the original posters feed.

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Perhaps the man most embarrassed by the president’s tweet was the only African American Republican Senator, Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Scott was cornered when he appeared on CNN‘s State of the Union where host Jake Tapper asked him his reaction to Trump’s retweeting of the “white power” declaration which had likely yet to be posted when the senator was booked on the show to discuss his rejected Republican police reform plan.

You can only imagine what was running through Senator Scott’s mind when he realized that he would be compelled to tell Tapper that he found the president’s tweet offensive and that he should delete it from his Twitter feed, despite the fact that it had already been viewed millions of times.

Scott’s condemnation of the tweet was likely the impetus that Trump needed to finally remove the video from his posts, but the damage had already been done.

Trump’s virtual admission that he was the favored candidate of white supremacists was there for all the world to see, although anyone who hadn’t already surmised as much from the last three years of his term in office needs to pay a little more attention to the information from outlets other than Fox News.

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You can watch a clip of Senator Scott’s appearance on CNN‘s State of the Union in the video in the tweet below.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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