Trump canceled NJ golf trip to keep DC safe from “looters” but goes to his Virginia resort instead

If Donald Trump was trying to project strength and dedication to his job when he announced yesterday that he was canceling his weekend trip to his Bedminster New jersey golf club to “stay in Washington, D.C. to make sure LAW & ORDER is enforced,” any political benefit he may have wanted to achieve was completely undermined by what he chose to do instead.

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Yesterday, Trump posted this notice on Twitter making it sound like he would be patrolling the streets personally to keep “the arsonists, anarchists, looters, and agitators” at bay.

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Today’s news that instead, the president had merely moved his golfing excursion from New Jersey — where the weather was currently rainy and soggy — to the Trump National Golf Club in the Washington DC suburbs, where the skies were precipitation-free, indicated that Trump was only going to be ensuring “LAW & ORDER” on his own property today.

If the president was hoping that no one would notice his hypocrisy in trying to transform a weather-related decision into a faux-boast about protecting the nation’s capital from all those nasty, monument-destroying protestors, he was sorely mistaken, as he was called out repeatedly for his easily discovered deception.

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Low information voters may not be aware of Trump’s attempts to pull the wool over their eyes because they are too busy complaining about the masks they are being asked to cover their mouths and noses, but the rest of us can see the president’s sloth and his inability to rise to the necessities of his position of responsibility.

It’s just one more reason to ensure that he is removed from office as expeditiously as possible. If he resigns tomorrow, I’m sure we can all chip in to ensure that a putting green can be installed in whatever prison cell he eventually lands in.

It’s a one day offer only! Better take advantage of it while you can, Donnie.

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