September 26, 2022

Sheriff Trump rassles up a social media posse to identify monument defacers

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Donald Trump may not have any great love for the U.S. Postal Service — in fact, he seems to be doing everything possible to hasten its demise, particularly since it will be the method that so many mail-in votes for Joe Biden will be delivered to election authorities — but today the president tried to emulate a post office wall on his Twitter feed.


Having come back from his morning golfing excursion — you know, the one that he took to his Virginia Trump National golf club after canceling his trip to his rainy New Jersey Bedminster resort supposedly because he was going to “make sure LAW & ORDER is enforced” — the president fulfilled his promise to keep “the arsonists, anarchists, looters, and agitators” at bay in a way that few would have initially expected.

Trump’s idea of ingenuity in enforcing the law against those who would tear down his precious monuments to those defenders of slavery and the Confederacy enshrined in marble and granite was to transform his Twitter feed into a series of 15 wanted posters featuring photos of protestors who tried to bring down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House.

Formatted as an “Attempt to Identify” the individuals whose photos are included in the posts by the United States Park Police, Trump’s use of his Twitter feed to turn attention away from the major news of the day — that Russia paid the Taliban a bounty for each U.S. soldier that they killed — and his failure to address that hostile act was somewhat laughable given that, unlike the Trump followers who risked COVID-19 to attend his rallies this week, many of the people in the photos have their faces covered by protective masks that have the added benefit of concealing their identities while providing anti-viral protection.

Here are a few examples of Trump’s investigative call for snitches and doxxers to turn in the subjects of his ire.

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Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

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Yes, the nation is exploding with new coronavirus cases, the economy is headed for collapse, police violence against people of color is running rampant, Putin is paying Afghani rebels to kill U.S. military personnel, and Trump is emulating J. Edgar Hoover and playing junior G-man while the country’s citizens are calling for leadership and action.

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If you aren’t convinced of Donald Trump’s complete and utter inability to rise to the position to which a minority of Americans elected him with the help of some Russian interference by now, then you never will be.

If Trump thinks that this is the most important matter for him to address — after his golf game, of course — his skewed priorities demonstrate yet one more reason why he needs to be removed from office substantially sooner than the November elections.

Who knows if the country can survive until then?

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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