Video shows restaurant host refusing to seat Black family for violating dress code while seating white kid dressed the same


The deep-rooted racism that pervades every aspect of American society can manifest itself at every level and in every situation, even for something as simple as a Black family trying to dine out. A Black mother was forced to give a righteous scolding to a Baltimore restaurant host who refused to seat her and her son because his basketball shorts and sneakers violated the “dress code” — despite there clearly being a white kid dressed in the exact same fashion already dining at the restaurant.

“You’re telling me the little boy on out there has athletic tennis shoes and an athletic shirt so why does he get to wear athletic clothes and my son can’t?” demands the mother, Marcia Grant. The condescending manager repeats that he’d “love” for the family to be able to eat there, but in order to do so, the Black family must adhere to the white man’s dress code, even though another white kid is clearly violating it in the same room.

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The parent company of the restaurant, the Atlas Restaurant Group, issued an apology statement later on and suspended the manager “indefinitely.”

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The fact that the manager had evidence of his racist hypocrisy literally right in front of his face but still continued to press the issue shows just how deeply racial bias is ingrained in some people, and how much work we have to do to challenge the white supremacist superstructure that holds up our entire nation as we know it today.

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