Video shows white woman ambushing Black family on their way to a birthday with racial slurs


It seems that hardly a day goes by now without some heinously racist video emerging to remind us that one of the core defining elements of the Trump era is the emboldening of bigots across the country. The United States has, of course, always suffered from this deep-rooted and shameful problem but the election of an overt racist, a man who painted Mexicans as “rapists” and regularly villainized Muslims, seems to have convinced a lot of Americans that their secret hatreds are in fact shared by many and as such accept to publicly flaunt. It’s no coincidence that Trump’s win in 2016 led to a spike in hate crimes.

The latest disturbing clip to showcase this trend comes out of Asheville, North Carolina. WRAL has reported an incident in which an angry white woman repeatedly screeches the N-word at a Black family en route to a birthday party.

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Aisha Sabur says as her family was walking to their destination when Rachel Ruit, the racist stranger in question, began hurling slurs at them from behind. When protestors oversaw the harassment and attempted to intervene, Ruit turned her ire on them as well. She repeatedly taunted the family and bystanders to “touch” her so that she could have a pretext to call the police and have them arrested.

“She continued to say racial slurs into my face, continued to call me a n***** over and over and over again. It was the most blatant display of racism that I have ever experienced,” said Sabur.

Jacob Blair, one of the protestors who saw the disgusting display firsthand, told WRAL that Ruit was clearly “filled with hate, rage, and racism.”


Sabur’s family believes that that despicable and unprovoked barrage shows just how important the current wave of racial justice and anti-police brutality protesting really is and that it must continue.

People of color face discrimination and harassment like this every day in cities all over the United States. They’re not always caught on camera but when they are they offer a sobering reminder of how far we still have left to go to become a truly equitable society.

Check the report from WRAL out below.

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Watch the original uncensored clip below.


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