Former Bush Secretary of State gets major abuse from Trump after endorsing Joe Biden

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In the alternative universe within which the consciousness of Donald Trump resides, the appropriate response to ever-growing and primarily peaceful protests filling streets nationwide is to compulsively post to social media — in all caps —phrases like “LAW ENFORCEMENT” and “LAW & ORDER!”

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The president picked up his waterfall of tweets this morning right where he left off yesterday, ranting about the protests, attacking his now-certain presidential rival Joe Biden, and slamming one of the increasing numbers of Republican defectors who have had the temerity to admit what a disaster his presidency has been.

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Trump began his social media morning with a message that he could have found at the bottom of a desk drawer in the Oval Office where it had been sitting since Richard Nixon defiled the office.

One is tempted to cheekily reply: “We don’t care what your favorite TV series is, but are you referring to the original LAW & ORDER or the SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT?”

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Trump seems unmoved by the idea that the largest and most sustained public demonstrations in American history may indicate that the vast majority of the nation’s citizens are tired of racism and the police brutality that emerges from it.

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If anyone wanted evidence that the president held any moral convictions beyond personal enrichment and his own re-election, they would not find it in this tweet.

Proof that Trump does perceive reality quite differently than ordinary mortals came in his next post where it became clear that the president sees crowds in inverse proportion to how the rest of the world sees them. The first clue to this phenomenon was at his inauguration where Trump saw record-breaking crowds, while everyone besides his paid political flacks saw empty bleachers and a sparse band of attendees.

Now, Trump announced that the record crowds that turned out in Washington DC to insist that Black lives indeed do matter somehow consisted of “far fewer protestors” than anticipated, and thus he was sending the National Guard back to their homes.

Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

For all the scorn and fury Trump has aimed at China, he has certainly learned a lesson from Chinese culture about saving face.

Despite his excuses, the removal of the National Guard from the nation’s capital was a welcome development after the police violence and chemical weapons use of the past week.

Trump escalated his attacks on Biden and “Radical Left Democrats” in his next tweet, which escalated his assertions from the idea that they would defund police to the accusations that slashing the military budget would also be on their agenda.

It is like the president was making a case for progressives to vote against him since the concept of reducing an American military budget that exceeds the combined expenditures of the next 10 nations combined — much of it going into the pockets of defense contractors in a form of corporate socialism — has been a long-cherished goal of the left who believe that America has more important priorities on which to spend its shrinking tax dollars.

Next, Trump set his sights on one of the defecting Republicans, former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell.

The idea of the flaccid Trump calling anyone a real stiff is alone enough to provoke some serious guffaws, but the irony of this president condemning Powell for using false information to advance a political agenda is lost on no one but Trump himself, apparently.

Trump returned to Powell again in a subsequent tweet that showed just how much the former Bush administration official’s endorsement of Biden had gotten under his skin.

Trump may think he’s posting a list of his achievements to bolster his campaign prospects, but, in actuality to many Americans, his list reads more like a damage claim after a man-made disaster than any record of accomplishments to boast of.

Having gotten his morning grievances off of his chest, Trump went on to announce an emergency declaration for storm-battered Louisiana with a speed that he likely would not have bothered with in a Democrat-controlled state, or, indubitably, Puerto Rico.

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That was it for the original social media posts from the president this morning. After these, Trump lapsed back into furious retweeting of sycophantic Republicans praising him and parroting his words.

Serious observers of the president, however, like their counterparts in volcanic science, can predict when we can expect the next eruption of Trump tweets to occur.

The consensus is that it’s likely to recur within hours.

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