In desperate attempt to distract nation, Trump resurrects murder allegations against Morning Joe

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It’s difficult to distract people with bread and circuses when you don’t offer anything but crumbs and the stench of GOP elephant manure is so overpowering.

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That doesn’t stop Donald Trump from trying anyway since anyone who refuses to learn from past mistakes is doomed to foolishly try failed strategies over and over again.

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Trump tripled down today on one of the most recent bright shiny objects that he’s flashed to his followers to take their eyes off the systemic failures in health, the economy, and civil liberties that he has “presided” over during his term in office.

Yes, it was time once again for the president to cry “Murder most foul!” —without providing any evidence whatsoever — in accusing former Republican congressman and current MSNBC host “Morning” Joe Scarborough of guilt in an aide’s death that has long since been declared an accidental death by investigating authorities.

But who needs evidence, when Trump can provide “a very strong feeling” about Scarborough’s guilt?

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Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

While many Americans have very strong feelings about Trump’s own guilt of multiple offenses, the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate refused to even hear evidence against him before complicity acquitting him of the impeachment charges against him demonstrates that evidence is a devalued currency in a country now ostensibly run by the man who got elected in part by promoting false “birther” conspiracy theories.

It’s undeniable that Trump’s reckless promotion of conspiracy theories is politically helpful to him, but the damage that Trump’s racist birther tweets have caused to American society is currently being displayed in full effect on the streets of our nation as many Americans of all races rise up to demand change.

Yet, as PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor points out in a tweet, Trump shows no regard at all for the collateral damage that his political war games — as broadcast on Fox radio — cause.

How much longer will Trump keep hitting his head against the wall by trying to promote ludicrous murder accusations that have already been disproven? If the old dog hasn’t learned any new tricks by now, he’ll keep trying the same ones over and over again.

Unfortunately for Trump, most of the public has already figured out the trick in his sleight of hand.

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Joe Scarborough still has a job, and Donald Trump is increasingly seen as the demented lunatic-in-chief.

There’s a very strong feeling going around that Donald Trump has gotten away with murder as president as well with lots of well-documented deaths directly connected to his immigration, environmental, and foreign policies.

There’s a very strong feeling going around that Donald Trump will be defeated in November. Now we must make it an evidentiary fact!

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