October 5, 2022

“Where are the arrests?”: Trump holes up in White House and aims threatening tweets at protestors

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As the world watches thousands of Americans disgusted with the blatantly racist justice system protest the deaths of unarmed and innocent African Americans at the hands of unaccountable police, Donald Trump has said not one word of support for the equal application of justice that the protesters seek.


While some protests have been marred by violence and looting as anger and tensions mount and outside agitators of unknown political affiliation stir up trouble, the vast majority of the protests nationwide have been peaceful, at least as far as the demonstrators go.

The reactions of police and national guard members, however, have not been free from unwarranted and overreactive violence with rubber bullets, tear gas canisters, and pepper spray deployed against some protestors at close range and without warning.

Several journalists, including MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, were hit by police projectiles and tear gas despite their visible press credentials and the fact that they were nowhere near any looting or riotous activities.

Throughout all of this Donald Trump has been sitting on the sidelines cheering the police on to greater and more vicious displays of “law and order” like a lard-ass coach.

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Trump, obviously getting nervous as hordes of protestors continue to stream towards the White House, was likely watching cable news coverage of the protests across the country this afternoon as he took to Twitter, not for any message of unity and conciliation, but for his own continued hectoring of local officials designed to score political points against his Democratic opponents.

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As one Twitter wag commented, what kind of person not only thanks himself but does so in the third person?

Even more relevant, what kind of president sees street violence taking place on TV, assumes that local officials don’t already know what is going on, and posts on Twitter rather than calling the proper government agency that could help in the situation or at least call 911?!?

America is on fire and Trump is dousing the flames with gasoline.

Of course, the sort of thought process that realizes that this is not a good idea would require a president who lives within the realms of rationality and reality, somewhere that our mentally defective president hasn’t visited in quite some time.

Instead, Trump continued attacking his favorite scapegoats rather than taking any kind of constructive or conciliatory steps — steps that would offend his false sense of threatened masculinity with their intimations of weakness.

Well, YES!!!, actually. The world is watching, and it’s not laughing.

It’s pity that the rest of America’s former allies now feel for us — pity for being stupid enough to elect this two-bit conman as president to begin with and for not ridding the White House of his foul presence when we had the chance during his impeachment trial.

Trump paused his tirade of anti-Democratic tweets just long enough to retweet a campaign ad that now seems incredibly ironic and offkey in today’s environment. He retweeted it with a single word caption that looked incredibly lonely when the referenced tweet was removed from Twitter. Whether it was deleted by its original poster or by Twitter itself for some sort of terms of service violation is unknown, but before it disappeared it showed a campaign ad that ended with the hashtag #TrumpTheEstablishment, not exactly the message one mat want to be sending when Trump now is the establishment and so many people are calling for the reform or destruction of the establishment.

The Archie Bunker of presidents resumed his bellicose law and order persona with his next tweet, asking a question that many of the American people are asking about Trump and his own administration.

Real leaders don’t criticize from the sidelines, they act.

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Now the American people must become leaders and act to eject Donald Trump from the presidency that he is not in the least bit qualified to hold and has never been able to rise to fit the shoes of his predecessors.

Whether the nation can survive until November to see that happen remains to be seen, but if the street protests of the last few days are any indication, it will not be a quiet process, and may very well be — if Donald Trump gets his way — marred by violence and retribution along the way.

In the end, good, reasonable, and compassionate people still make up the majority in this country. We will win — and we will bury Trumpism and its racist specter for good.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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