August 13, 2022

Trump reminds Americans that something he did today is against federal law

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If Donald Trump had even an iota of self-awareness, he may have realized that his tweet today after he left the White House to attend the launch of the first SpaceX manned rocket launch in Florida was a self-owning indictment of his own reckless and deplorable behavior.


Let’s see, Trump definitely crossed state lines and in this very tweet is inciting police and the military to violence against protestors demanding action to stop the blatant murders of America’s citizens by out of control police with little accountability.

Unfortunately, since the Trump-controlled Justice Department seems to believe that the president could put his own knee on the throat of anyone in the country until they breathe their last breath — without even the slightest chance of prosecution — any of the many of the federal crimes besides this latest violation that Donald Trump has likely committed during his time in office and before are unlikely to result in the justice — and punishment — that he deserves before leaving office.

The president sent out his tweet reminding people of federal law after Tim Walz, the Democratic Governor of Minnesota, revealed that about 80% of the protestors in the Minneapolis demonstrations that turned into a destructive night of looting, rioting and the burning of a police station house were from outside the state, even in the middle of a pandemic that has kept many sensible people staying at home.

The Trump administration has blamed the violence on the far left and Antifa through the president’s own tweets and through the evidence-free statements made by Attorney General William Barr — all while continuing to try to erode American’s trust in the free press that reports news based on facts rather than parroting Trump’s usually incredulous party-line propaganda.

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The president continued his attack on the supposedly “Fake News” media in Hitlerian fashion in another Twitter post this afternoon while waiting for the launch of the SpaceX manned rocket.

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Trump continued to insinuate that the Minneapolis rioters were left-wing radicals traveling to the state to create trouble with his next tweet.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison suggested that it was actually right-wing agent provocateurs who began the vandalism in the city during the protests as he shared a video of a mysterious, umbrella-carrying and hammer-wielding man calmly smashing the windows at an AutoZone shop while wearing a gas mask and then fleeing when protest organizers they to challenge and stop him.

Like many people who saw this video, Ellison questions whether this man was deliberately trying to exacerbate the destruction and violence at the until-then peaceful protest in order to escalate the situation and trigger retaliatory actions.

In the responses to Ellison’s post, Minneapolis locals were claiming to have identified the man in black as a St. Paul police officer, Jacob Pederson.

It remains to be seen if the Twitter claims can be verified, but it’s clear that the start of vandalism didn’t originate with Black Life Matters activists as some have claimed. Hopefully, Minnesota authorities will be investigating the incident and the true identity of the umbrella-carrying man in black will be revealed.

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That won’t stop Trump and his cronies from blaming Antifa and the radicalized left for all of the violence despite the verified chatter on right-wing “Boogaloo” message boards that portray the protests as a way to jump-start their much anticipated Civil War II.

As America descends into chaos, violence, and anarchy, Vladimir Putin is likely sitting in the Kremlin and smiling at how effective his strategy to neutralize the power of his nation’s most important international adversary has been through all his foreign electoral interference on behalf of Donald Trump.

At this rate, Russia won’t even need to interfere in the 2020 elections, since the country may self-implode before we even reach election day.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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