Trump throws himself a pity party in evening Memorial Day outburst attacking Biden and China


In a particularly efficient form of libel, Donald Trump slammed both his presumed Democratic opponent for the presidency, former Vice President Joe Biden, and his regular global bogeyman, China, together in one pair of accusatory afternoon tweets.

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Trump continues to cite his supposedly early China flight ban as evidence that he moved quickly to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus but forgets to mention that the move was both too late and poorly managed, allowing the pandemic to grow more quickly than if a thorough and competent federal response had been taken.

Particularly with the hindsight that the majority of cases in the hard-stricken New York area seem to have been imported by travelers from Europe, there’s not much to brag about in the actions banning travel from China.

Trump’s math skills are exposed to be as weak as his other cognitive functions when he claims that “Nobody in 50 years has been WEAKER on China” than his prospective opponent — since he fails to note that Republican President Richard Nixon opened the country to relations, and eventually trade, with the then-underdeveloped communist country only 48 years ago.


The attacks on China were seen by many to be part of Trump’s search for a convenient scapegoat for his epic failures confronting the pandemic. Yet, if you ask Trump, he practically thinks he deserves a medal for his heroic and unheralded — by anyone but himself — efforts in combatting the disease.

Without any attachments to verify the supposedly great reviews pouring in for his handling of the pandemic with deaths approaching 100,000 Americans, it’s likely that those reviews mostly went from what’s left of Trump’s own left prefrontal cortex to the remainder of his right prefrontal cortex.

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The only way that Trump made governors look good was by comparison to his own feeble and flailing, science-denying early response to the outbreak of COVID-19 that ensured that it would go on to kill tens of thousands more than if social distancing measures had been taken just a week sooner.

In once sense, Trump is correct for a change. He doesn’t get sufficient credit for making nearly every other American who is not a member of his brainwashed cult look fantastic by comparison.

Unfortunately, that fact does not offer us much solace. We’d much rather have a president who can inspire us, motivate us, and lift our spirits.


Let’s make sure we elect someone better than ourselves as the next president.

We couldn’t possibly find anyone who would be worse than Donald Trump.

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Vinnie Longobardo

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