Trump spends Memorial day insulting former-Marine congressman over impeachment vote


Memorial Day in America is typically a day of remembrance of our fallen service members who died protecting our country’s freedoms, not to mention celebratory parades, picnics, barbecues, and trips to the beach or local water hole.

Memorial Day 2020 is something quite different — and not just because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that have made social distancing more important to preserve one’s health than any need to congregate in crowds.

For Donald Trump, the holiday weekend was a day to set a bad example to the American people that he is urging to ignore the risks of contagion and get back to work while he spends two days playing golf rather than trying to improve his disastrously failing performance in managing the federal response to the pandemic.

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That and endlessly tweeting reprehensible posts that betray his palpable panic over the prospect that his bumbling and selfish handling of the coronavirus crisis has torpedoed any conceivable chance that he had of being re-elected and staying out of prison.

Trump continued his obsessive social media posting this afternoon with a  tweet that demonstrates his true villainy.

The tweet was an ill-timed Memorial Day attack on Congressman Connor Lamb (D-PA), a former Marine who turned a red district of Pennsylvania blue in a 2018 special election that was the harbinger of the “Blue Wave” that returned the House of Representatives to Democratic control. He couldn’t even spell the congressman’s name correctly.


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Trump’s partisan attack on a former service member is not unexpected but attacking a former Marine on Memorial Day is among the lowest depths that one can reach and Twitter responders let the president know it.

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The vehemence of Trump’s endorsement of Rep. Lamb’s GOP opponent likely stems from the fact that the Pennsylvania congressman is not only a veteran who helped turn the House blue again, but was one of the many Democratic members of the House of Representatives to vote for his impeachment.

Nothing like a little character assassination of a dedicated Marine to celebrate Memorial Day!

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