Fox News host has to remind Trump and audience of hydroxychloroquine’s deadly side effects

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Fox News is worried that they may soon lose their biggest ratings cash cow.

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After Donald Trump revealed details of his drug habit — popping daily hydroxychloroquine pills like TicTacs in a voodoo medicine version of COVID-19 virus prevention — Fox News host Neil Cavuto raised an urgent alarm for the science-adverse president.

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Cue the sounds of millions of Trump detractors going “SHHSHH, Neil! Don’t tell him!”

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The only explanation for such presidential stupidity — in ignoring the findings of carefully constructed medical research by the Veterans’Administration and others showing that hydroxychloroquine can cause dangerous heart arrhythmias and has side effects including confusion and unusual thoughts and behaviors — is the possibility that the Trump family is now so heavily invested in the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the drug that Trump is now personally trying to eliminate the excess inventory of the anti-malarial drug by further hyping it as the “breakfast of presidents.”

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Perhaps Cavuto needs to let his fellow Fox News talking heads in on the research he cites about the controversial drug since it still seems to be in the formularies of approved treatments in the limited minds of dedicated Trump supporters like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Jeannine Pirro.

While Trump has been known for his consultations with doctors who are easily manipulated or outright quacks, if his taking of hydroxychloroquine actually does result in a fatal cardiac event, how much are you willing to bet that his surviving family will immediately on the phone with their lawyers to file a medical malpractice suit to whichever doctor allowed the president to access the dangerous drug.

Then again, perhaps Trump’s physicians are more clever than we give them credit for and are simply slipping the president a placebo and telling him that it’s his favorite miracle drug.

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If that’s the case, forget malpractice, saving this particular president’s life in the face of his own freely chosen defiance of scientific studies is more tantamount to treason.

While we may be waiting a while for a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, at least we can go to sleep tonight knowing that on some given morning in the hopefully near future we may be able to wake up to the “awful” news that President Pence will be forced to announce.

Sometimes it worth it to pay attention to those speed-talking lists of potential side effects in pharmaceutical ads, Donnie, but, don’t worry, you know your own body better than anyone else…except maybe Stormy Daniels.

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