January 29, 2023

Trump angrily storms out of press briefing after Chinese-American reporter calls him out on his racism

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The pressure is getting to Donald Trump.


The economy is in ruins, the death toll in the coronavirus pandemic just keeps growing every day despite the president’s rosy predictions and his urging people to go back to work to risk their lives for the profits of the wealthy, and the COVID-19 virus has infiltrated some of the top White House aides.

Trump displayed just how much the strain of an invisible enemy that doesn’t respond to his insults and name-calling is putting on his already heavily damaged psyche in his premature departure from the podium at a Rose Garden press conference this afternoon after increasingly emboldened reporters called out his evasive answers and refusal to accept any responsibility for his own administration’s demonstrated failures to expeditiously handle the crisis the nation is now facing.

It was a performance that led CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to call the press briefing’s conclusion a “very, very ugly ending to that one-hour appearance by the President in the Rose Garden,” as the video attached to the tweet below clearly shows was a vast understatement.

The president’s casual racism was on full display as he was questioned by CBS white house correspondent Weijia Jiang about why his answer blaming China for his own failures to move quickly enough to minimize the effects of the pandemic were directed at her.

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The very idea of being challenged on his racism by a female reporter of Asian descent was enough for Trump to decide to ignore the next woman journalist whom he had previously called on and then abruptly end the entire press conference when that reporter refused to have her questions ignored as well.

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Wolf Blitzer properly called the entire interaction an “ugly ending,” but the truth of the matter is that everything that this president has done since he took office has been equally repugnant.

Under extreme stress, Trump is just as much of an arrogant fool as he is on any other given day. It just that America’s patience is growing thin, and we are paying closer attention as our lives hang in the balance.

We must ensure that he is out of the White House as soon as possible, whether at the ballot box in November or, if COVID-19 gets him first in the viral cesspool that the Oval Office has become, perhaps even sooner.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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