March 24, 2023

Trump vs. Obama: Who did Mother’s Day best on Twitter?

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On the first Mother’s Day when many Americans won’t be able to hug their moms or take her out to dinner due to social distancing guidelines, virtual Mother’s Day celebrations will have to supplant more standard traditions.

The more judgmental among us will evaluate the level of respect for motherhood in general by the ingenuity, originality, and sincerity of the expression of their Mother’s Day sentiments.

By that measure, Donald Trump has failed as epically as one would expect.

Take the profoundly minimal Mother’s Day celebration greeting that he posted on Twitter this morning.

Add your name to reject Trump & Republicans’ vile idea of sacrificing seniors’ lives to save the stock market!

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While some may describe the all-caps, bare-boned tweet as the height of elegant simplicity, many would consider it to be the ineloquent equivalent of a hasty scrawl across a cheap store-bought card purchased by a neglectful child.

Compare Trump’s curt missive with the tweet sent out by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

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Not only does Obama specifically reference the difficult situation in which many Americans find themselves on this initial COVID-19-infused celebration of the holiday, but his tweet also expresses the love he has for the mother of his children in a way that is genuine and obvious, without being saccharine.

You couldn’t ask for a starker contrast or a more poignant reminder of what our nation has lost in the transition from an articulate, sophisticated, and intelligent leader to the disastrous and incompetent complainer-in-chief we are currently suffering with.

Obama is a mother-lover and Trump is a mother-f …”hey, hush your mouth,” says the chorus…but I’m talking about Trump!

Twitter denizens apparently favored Obama’s tweet in the only measure that truly matters to Donald Trump, the ratings.

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Obama’s post was liked by 317.4 thousand fans, while Trump’s tweet was only liked by 272.2 thousand of his followers as of press time.

On that optimistic note, happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there!

Remember to honor your mother — and all women everywhere — by ensuring that the misogynistic predator in the White House is evicted in the November election by checking your voter registration and applying early to vote by mail if your state allows it.

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