August 15, 2022

Trump misleadingly blames Democrats in polling place controversy in CA special election

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After consistently railing against states’ vote-by-mail plans to ensure that all people get to exercise their right to safely pick the candidate of their choice during the COVID-19 pandemic as rife with fraud, Donald Trump is now condemning plans for a California congressional district special election because local authorities will open a polling place for the type of in-person voting that he has called for.


After an initial hypocritical and partisan tweet this morning calling the new polling place opening a “SCAM,” the president doubled down by personally calling out California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom by name in a tweet that blatantly reversed his previous comments about mail-in ballots.

Just a month ago, Trump said:

“Mail ballots — they cheat. OK? People cheat,” the president declared on April 7, while providing no evidence to back up his claim. “There’s a lot of dishonesty going along with mail-in voting.”

Given Trump’s penchant for projection, his fears are likely rooted in his belief that everyone acts and thinks like he would in any situation.

Plus, with all the ample evidence contained in the Mueller report and the investigation by the GOP-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia massively interfered in the 2106 presidential election on the president’s own behalf, any unironic accusations of “Rigged Elections” coming from Trump have as much credibility as, well, anything else that emerges between his lying lips.

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Apparently, the president didn’t even bother to investigate the facts behind the situation on voting arrangements for the special election to fill the remainder of the California 25th congressional district’s former Representative Katie Hill’s term — an election that came about after Hill resigned during a sex scandal that most Republican congressmen would have likely simply brushed off and continued to serve.

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John Myers, the Sacramento Bureau Chief for The Los Angeles Times, set the president straight after seeing his initial tweet on the subject this morning.

Add your name to reject Trump & Republicans’ vile idea of sacrificing seniors’ lives to save the stock market!

Yes, the in-person voting — previously the only method deemed acceptable to the president despite the fact that he reportedly casts his own absentee ballots by mail — was requested by a Republican mayor!

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Now the question remains: was Trump simply lazily misinformed or was he purposefully speaking hypocritically in reversing his opposition to vote by mail arrangements for partisan political purposes?

It really doesn’t matter. Either option provides ample evidence — as if you needed any more — of Trump’s unfitness for office.

Let’s hope that the citizens residing in California’s 25th congressional district — whatever method they chose to cast their ballots safely — are smart enough to not elect someone who will provide the president and his party with an additional seat in the Democratic-held House of Representatives.

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