August 17, 2022

Boston statehouse flooded with angry Trump-supporting protestors, screaming “the virus is a hoax”

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The zombie apocalypse is here.


Or at least its closest approximation: a hoard of right-wing media-brainwashed Trump supporters gathering at statehouses across the country demanding that governments re-open so they have the right to spread deadly viruses to anyone that they encounter.

Of course, they don’t frame their protests in quite those words despite the fact that that is essentially the upshot of their demands.

Boston is the latest city to be beset by these mindless promoters of the freedom to prolong the COVID-19 pandemic by prematurely ending lockdown restrictions and business closures, as hundreds of proto-zombies surrounded the Massachusetts State House for a so-called “Liberty Rally” organized by local right-wing radio provocateur Jeffrey Kuhner and the organizers of last September’s controversial Straight Pride Parade.

As described by The Boston Globe: “Demonstrators brandished American flags and Trump 2020 signs, along with signs that read ‘end the shutdown,’ ‘all jobs are essential,’ and ‘media is the virus.'”

Add your name to reject Trump & Republicans’ vile idea of sacrificing seniors’ lives to save the stock market!

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Risking their lives for those essentials-for-life like frosted tips, root touch-ups, and cool new tattoos, protestors demonstrated their complete abandonment of rationality and science for a denial of reality that is tragically insulting to those who have lost loved ones already to the pandemic on a day after even their feckless leader revised his death estimates from the initial projections of nearly zero cases to the six-figure revised estimate that he floated at his town hall last night.

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“I’m not going to sugar coat this, America is committing national suicide,” Kuhner told the crowd. “I see churches closed, I see an economic collapse, thousands of businesses bankrupt and shuttered — all of this for a lousy virus? For a contagious flu at the absolute worse? This is not a pandemic.”

Anyone dumb enough to take medical advice from a two-bit radio talk show charlatan who denies scientific consensus deserves to be called a zombie, among many other choice words, particularly when a majority of them were refusing to wear face coverings for their own safety and more importantly those of the poor innocents who don’t share their delusions.

“We should be able to decide whether or not we want to work, social distance, or wear a mask,” said a 61-year-old biker who rode to tke protest from Cape Cod . “I think people are going to get hooked on government pay — it is government overreach.”

It’s a shame no one bothered to ask him his position on abortion restrictions.

With Republican-controlled states already relaxing restrictions on businesses before meeting CDC guidelines on when it will be safe to do so, we can expect social Darwinism to cull the ranks of some of these misguided protestors. Unfortunately, it won’t be without collateral damage to others around them and to the long term prospects for their precious economy which will continue to flounder as a likely second wave of infections sweeps across the nation from a disease that has no proven cure, no vaccine, and a high rate of contagion and fatalities.

In the words of the late, great Afrobeat star Fela Kuti:

“Zombie no go go, unless you tell ’em to go (zombie)
Zombie no go stop, unless you tell ’em to stop (zombie)
Zombie no go turn, unless you tell ’em to turn (zombie)
Zombie no go think, unless you tell ’em to think (zombie)”

Kuti wrote that song in reference to the blind obedience of the police in his native Nigeria, but it applies equally to the blindly sheep-like protestors who decry the “lies” of the mainstream media and scientific experts, all while swallowing whole the evil and dangerous propaganda fed to them by self-interested right-wing media.

Don’t be a zombie. Stay home. Stay safe. Wear a mask when you absolutely go out in public.

And let your legislators know that they should keep restrictions in place until the science says it’s safe to loosen them.

You can see some photos from the “Liberty Rally” in Boston in the tweets attached below.

Remember to check the COVID-19 statistics in Massachusetts in about 14 days to see the results of their maskless protests.

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Original reporting by Anissa Gardizy at The Boston Globe.

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