November 27, 2022

Trump labels slams Navy captain for being an “Ernest Hemingway” who had a “bad day”

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Meeting at the White House today with Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D), Donald Trump gave reporters a chance to ask him a few questions, apparently to give him the opportunity to largely repeat the same themes that he’s attempted to make again and again at his regular coronavirus test briefings.


You know by now that Trump thinks that he and his administration are doing a fantastic job in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

You also know that the president will take every opportunity to spread blame for the inadequate response to the pandemic anywhere but on himself and his team — taking particular aim at China, the World Health Organization, and his predecessor Barack Obama — whether there is any truth whatsoever behind his accusations or not (as is usually the case.)

Beyond the typical self-aggrandizement, shirking of responsibility, and politically-motivated attacks, Trump’s press availability had one notable moment when the president was asked about Captain Brett Crozier — the former commander of the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt who was fired after a memo he wrote, pleading for protection for his ship’s crew amidst an on-board COVID-19 outbreak, became public.

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Questioned as to whether he wanted to see Crozier reinstated, Trump equivocated.

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“I think he’s a very, very good man who had a very bad day and then he wanted to be Ernest Hemingway, you know? He starts writing long memos and you can’t do that when you’re the captain of a ship. Especially that ship, that’s the ulitmate nuclear aircraft carrier, the best in the world, five thousand crew members, and he decides to become Ernest Hemingway. You can’t do that.” Trump declared.

“With that being said, I said, he had a bad day. We all have bad days,” the president said.

Trump went on to say that while he wouldn’t comment on whether Crozier should be reinstated, he repeated that the captain was a good man who had a bad day while saying the same thing about the former acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly who had told the crew of the Theodore Roosevelt that Crozier was “too naïve or too stupid to be a commanding officer” to the audible gasps of the sailors who admired him for standing up for their safety.

“I think they’re both very good men,” Trump said evasively before going on to discuss how the virus spread like wildfire among the crew.

“It was a tough environment,’ he concluded

While it looked for a short time that Crozier may be reinstated in his former position, acting Navy Secretary James McPherson today said that he has “unanswered questions” about the preliminary investigation into the decision to remove Crozier from his command that “can only be answered by a deeper review,” according to Yahoo News.

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With Trump apparently reluctant to take sides, despite his fierce criticism of Captian Crozier in the past, it looks likes the naval commander’s fate is still yet to be determined.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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