Trump uses “sarcasm” excuse again to explain away the biggest embarrassment in his Sunday tweets

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Donald Trump is using sarcasm as his all-purpose excuse every time he screws up nowadays.

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Two days after trying to use it as an excuse for his ultra-violet light and disinfectant injection speculation at his Thursday press briefing, the president was back at it, attempting to explain away his mistaken substitution of the “Noble” prize in Journalism for the “Nobel” prize.

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Sarcasm works quite well when done right, except that it’s difficult to regard the president’s claims that his typo was sarcasm when the Nobel Committees in Sweden and Norway don’t even award a journalism prize.

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Sarcasm might also work if people thought that Trump personally exhibited an iota of understanding of what “fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals” actually would look like if he ever encountered them, an unlikely eventuality in his patently corrupt administration.

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More likely than the prospect that Trump’s embarrassingly ridiculed error in his initial tweet was a failed attempt at sarcasm is the almost certain probability that he was trying to dig himself out of another self-dug hole with an unbelievable story that only the dumbest of his true believers will fall for.

Twitter denizens weren’t buying it.

After saying people who know him describe him as “the hardest working President in history,” Trump spent a good part of the day tweeting about his grievances with the media and his political opponents.

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Gee, all the tweeting must be incredibly exhausting!


Sarcasm does work when done properly!

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