June 29, 2022

Donald Trump Jr.’s sarcastic reply to Hillary tweet earns fierce drubbing from social media critics

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The president’s eldest son was probably trying to be a smart-ass when he replied to a tweet sent by his father’s former rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, but — like any attempt by a member of the Trump family at intelligence or humor — Donald Trump Jr.’s post instead merely resulted in a heap of indignant derision at his own and his father’s expense from Twitter users.


After the president speculated at his Thursday press briefing on the efficacy of dangerous household disinfectants used internally in humans against the COVID-19 virus, his former political rival felt compelled to issue a warning against following Trump Sr.’s ill-advised treatment query.

As the eternal seeker of withheld parental approval, Don Jr. decided to pen this rejoinder to Mrs. Clinton with the mistaken impression that he was exhibiting some sort of sophisticated wit or snarky innuendo.


How clever!

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Trying to turn the conversation away from his father’s declining mental faculties and towards right-wing conspiracy theory-inspired insinuations that the Clintons were behind the supposed murder of the mutual friend they shared with Donald Trump Sr. while still managing to get a dig in at the server “scandal” that the FBI cleared the former presidential candidate of in 2016.

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The denizens of social media were not as impressed with Don Jr.’s trolling skills as he was of himself as the responses below indicate.




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As for Donald Trump Sr., he’s unlikely to ever give his dutiful son an ounce of love and respect no matter how far he debases himself by defending his father.  When claiming that his own businesses were now completely in the hands of his sons, the president made an aside saying that he wanted to compare their numbers — meaning profitability — to his own when running the Trump Organization.

Where’s the fulfillment of the Oedipus complex when you need it?

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