November 28, 2022

Joe Walsh torches Trump in A+ response to Gorka claiming only “manly men” like Trump

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At the core of modern conservatism is a perverse obsession with the superficial trappings of hypermasculinity, expressed through strict adherence to a preposterous caricature of traditional gender roles.


The corollary to this is an urgent need to paint liberals and leftists as feminine and weak, inherently opposed to masculinity and intent on converting America’s strong males into flaccid soyboys by such radical ideas like “engaging with their emotions” and “treating women as equals.”

This is a classic trope of fascism that featured prominently in Nazi ideology, it’s no surprise to see a man like Sebastian Gorka promoting those kinds of ideas to President Trump’s support base on his radio show, since he himself infamously has ties to a Hungarian pro-Nazi group.

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The former White House advisor turned MAGA celebrity and podcast meme created a stir on social media this afternoon when he declared that “the Left” hates President Trump because they hate masculinity and that “manly men” don’t hate Trump.

It has been absolutely mystifying to watch the president’s delusional supporters glorify him as some sort of male icon when Trump embodies none of the classic traits of masculinity.

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Overly sensitive and incapable of tolerating any kind of slight, the president is obsessed with gossip and the foppish luxuries of high society. Far from the rippling muscles and bodily strength that the right-wing fetishizes, Trump is physically grotesque, unrepentantly gluttonous, and famously disdainful of physical exertion.

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A weak-willed coward by nature, it is common knowledge that Trump is easily swayed by the last person to talk to him and doesn’t even enjoy firing people, as his reality show persona supposedly did — avoiding all confrontation, he prefers to call up the tabloids, leak to the media, or use a tweet.

Even when it comes to women, he is largely forced to purchase their affection (“I took her furniture shopping”) or resorted to taking it by force (“I grabbed her by the pussy”). Decaying in mind, body, and soul, there is little about President Trump that fits in with the ideals of masculinity that the right-wing idolizes.

Former Tea Party fanatic turned NeverTrump Republican Joe Walsh took to Twitter to roast Gorka for his ridiculous arguments, laying out in no uncertain terms that nothing the president says or does is anything close to being “manly” according to the rules that they themselves set down!

The depths of Trumper delusion make it clear that their movement is much more akin to a cult than any kind of real political movement, making the removal of the cult leader from power more imperative than ever before.

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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