September 27, 2022

Cancel 2020 elections and make Trump remain president David Clarke says in coronavirus tweet rant

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You would think that even the most ardent Trump supporter would be beginning to have doubts about the qualifications of Donald Trump to continue hosting the reality show that his presidency has turned into after his jump-the-shark performance bungling the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Instead, at least one devoted Trump acolyte is proposing postponing the 2020 presidential elections to ensure that the nation must suffer from a surfeit of incompetence in its leadership for an unearned and unelected additional four years.

David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin who has been a vocal supporter of the president, made the suggestion in an unhinged Twitter rant complaining about American society’s panicked reaction to a virus with a fatality rate much higher than the ordinary flu he foolishly compares it with.

Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

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Such moronic comments demonstrate the lengths to which Trump’s base will delude themselves to ignore his obvious failure to deal with the rapidly-spreading health crisis and its devastating economic fallout as they see his chances of reelection fading as quickly as the pulses of frail and elderly victims of the COVID-19 virus.

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According to the watchdog group Right Wing Watch, Clarke’s rant was originally even worse.

They report that Twitter deleted three of the former sheriff’s posts for violating the platform’s policy against encouraging harmful behavior when Clarke tweeted this rallying call for virus-skeptical right-wingers.

“GO INTO THE STREETS FOLKS. Visit bars, restaurants, shopping malls, CHURCHES and demand that your schools re-open. NOW! If government doesn’t stop this foolishness…STAY IN THE STREETS. END GOVERNEMNT CONTROL OVER OUR LIVES. IF NOT NOW, WHEN? THIS IS AN EXPLOITATION OF A CRISIS.”

The fact that the Twitter responses to Clarke’s post contained as many — or more — positive reactions to his statements as they did abject denunciations of his unthinkable proposals may have more to do with the fact that his social media following consists primarily of those who have watched his appearances on Fox News and other right-wing extremist media outlets than a more representative sampling of the American public.

Given Donald Trump’s own “joking”(?) references to trashing the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution that limits presidents to just two four-year terms, Clarke’s radical proposal — even if made only in satiric hyperbole in reaction to the hoarding of toilet paper — should inspire fear among those who are already concerned about whether Trump will leave the White House willingly if he loses the election in November.

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As political Comedian Bill Maher has stated many times, he believes that Trump will declare the election rigged if he loses and will refuse to accept the results in a bid to retain power and avoid the almost certain prosecution that has been held in abeyance while he controls a Justice Department that maintains that a sitting president can not be indicted for any crimes.

If the coronavirus is still virulent in November, then mail-in ballots can dominate the polls.

Even better would be an even more radical proposal, an immediate plebiscite on whether Donald Trump should continue in office even another day as his incompetence drives the country to new lows, both medically and financially.

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Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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