Trump uses COVID-19 outbreak response to attack Dems and push reelection campaign in Sunday tweets


Donald “no responsibility” Trump has no shame whatsoever in using the worst health crisis of his or any other recent administration as a political tool to help his efforts at reelection.

If he was doing that by responding so decisively, efficiently, and effectively to the coronavirus outbreak that the grateful nation would be able to relax and feel that things are safe and under control, then the demonstration of basic competence might actually be an intelligent strategy that wouldn’t actually require him to brag about qualities that he and his team of toadying buffoons have not an iota of in their collective capabilities.

Instead, after weeks of downplaying the danger posed by the virus, rejecting an offer of testing kits from the World Health Organization in favor of faulty CDC-developed kits, and spreading misinformation about the readiness of the U.S. health systems to respond to the pandemic while blaming the “Fake News Media” for causing panic hoarding, the president thinks that his best course of action is now to declare a national emergency that will give him sweeping powers to act without congressional oversight while continuing to play politics and blame anything and anyone but himself for the failure to address the crisis swiftly and effectively.

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Trump’s Twitter feed this morning tells you everything you need to know about his failures to manage the health emergency in a manner that ignores his political self-interest and instead focuses on the safety of the American people.

First, the notoriously irreligious icon of the evangelicals declared a National Day of Prayer to solidify any of his base whose faith — in him, not God — may have been shaken by his mismanagement of the crisis to date.


Given Trump’s dismantling of the National Security Council’s pandemic task force two years ago, lord knows that he needs all the prayers that he can get.

Next, the man who was shaking the hands of health care executives and touching the shared lectern mic after being exposed to people who later tested positive for the COVID-19 virus— but before being tested himself — told people to excuse the delays at ports of entry due to medical screenings because safety was of utmost importance.

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The president then announced that he would hold another news conference to update the nation on efforts to stop the rapidly spreading disease which claimed our country was not set up to deal with as if he had nothing to do with the lack of preparation.

He conveniently used the tweet to attack his likely Democratic opponent in the November elections and to boast that his decision to ban entry to travelers from China had saved many lives.


It would be nice if one of Trump’s political advisors had the cojones to tell the president that absolutely no one wants to hear his pandering campaign rhetoric at a time like this.

If it were even possible to further cheapen and tarnish the presidency from where Trump has sunk it to at this point, this tweet and the one that followed — which abandoned the coronavirus concerns altogether to push his own tired political grudge against the Senate Minority Leader — accomplished that unlikely achievement.

Yes, the nation is under attack by a deadly invisible microbe, and Trump is still trying to hypocritically prosecute Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for criticizing Supreme Court justices after his own attacks on Justices Sotomayor and Ginsberg while simultaneously attempting to use the Department of Justice as his personal Gestapo.

Trump needs to avoid politics during this national crisis in the same way that people are avoiding large crowds and contacts of less than six feet of distance with others.

And voters need to avoid Republicans altogether when they go to the ballot box in November, as the consequences of their party’s dedication to shrinking government services and capabilities become so patently manifest.

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