“Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!”: Trump cluelessly retweets mocking meme


Self-awareness was never Donald Trump’s strong point.

Neither is sensitivity to the suffering and anxiety of others.

In fact, the existence of any strong points possessed by our current president would require a lengthy investigation that would far exceed the number of hours that Republicans have subjected Hillary Clinton to in their probes of her emails and the Benghazi hearings combined.

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Trump, however, outdid himself with his tweet this afternoon forwarding a post by White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino.

Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!


Naturally, Trump will likely claim that the tweet is actually about the power of his campaign to triumph over whichever nominee the Democrats eventually decide will be his challenger in the presidential race in November, despite his profession of ignorance of its meaning.

That interpretation may be an even less flattering reflection of Trump’s clueless mindset, since — besides his obliviousness to the implications of the tweeted meme in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic — it shows that no matter what is going on in the country that he is ostensibly overseeing, his brain can only focus on his own narrow concerns of being reelected and dodging the likely prosecutions that will follow once he loses any pretense of presidential immunity.

Reactions to the post on Twitter showed the contempt and disdain that all but his most dedicated cult-members feel towards the president living in his delusional bubble.

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Apparently our “Stable Genius”-in-Chief missed history class the day they covered Nero in the curriculum, but somehow that is not the least bit surprising.

The real salient question right now is how much longer will the Republican Senate continue to protect this president once their constituents — and their colleagues who visited the AIPAC conference last week and mingled with infected attendees — start contracting the virus and dying as a result?

With trump having attended the AIPAC conference himself, it looks like the virus may be his undoing one way or another.

Let’s charitably hope that the end of his administration, however it comes, is swift and painless…for the American people.

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