August 17, 2022

Melania Trump dismisses online critics of her White House construction plans with withering tweet

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Melania Trump may not hold her husband accountable for his hourly violations of her “Be Best” campaign against online bullying, but she has no intention of letting the critics of her fiddling with the construction of a new White House tennis pavillion — while the country burns with a coronavirus outbreak — off the hook.


The First Lady struck back today at her social media critics who saw her tweets containing photos of herself overseeing the construction of the new tennis court and railed at the insensitivity of the expenditure on a presidential luxury at a time when her husband is trying to cut Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and other social services and the nation’s deficit is out of control due to the Republican billionaire tax giveaway.

Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the coronavirus pandemic immediately!

Never mind the fact that Melania and her husband spend most weekends at one of his luxury golf resorts, costing taxpayers millions extra in security costs and lining Donald Trump’s own pockets by jacking up the room rates that his secret service details and other aides are paying to as much as $650 per night. Screw the peons!

The president who once claimed that he wouldn’t have the time to play golf once he was in office — and whose fitness level would surely quickly subject the nation to a President Pence if he was to exert himself by playing a full tennis match — deserves only the best things in life for all he’s done for to the country, fiscal austerity and coronavirus recession be damned.

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Melania’s online detractors must have hit a nerve in the normally seen-but-not-heard First Lady since she responded this morning with a reprimand to her critics urging them to channel their anger into something more productive.

It would indeed “be best” if everyone who is angered by the sense of privilege and smug rapaciousness of the Trump administration channeled their anger away from bitter tirades against the president and his family of opportunistic leeches and towards the efforts to remove him from office by the quickest possible method, either by working to elect his Democratic (or Independent) replacement or by overwhelming public demonstrations of people power that force his resignation and hopefully his permanent exile from our fair shores.

We hear that Melania’s home country of Slovenia is lovely at this time of year, although that country’s willingness to accept immigrants with suspect criminal backgrounds and pending indictments may be a problem. Perhaps his pals in Moscow will be willing to offer asylum if the Slovenians won’t.

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