Trump attacks Fox News, accusing them of paying too much attention to Democrats


The cranky and demented old man next door is yelling at his television again…at least if you live next door to the White House.

Donald Trump — who one could credibly say would not be president today without the millions of dollars worth of free fawning publicity that the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News showered upon him during his 2016 campaign — has been getting testy lately with the management of the otherwise reliable purveyor of state-sanctioned news.

It seems that the small portion of Fox News daily programming dedicated to providing actual news — as opposed to the usual right-wing commentary propaganda delivered by perfectly coiffed, smiling talking heads that comprises the vast majority of their airtime — is annoying the president by reporting the results of polls that reflect negatively on his reelection chances.

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In recent Fox News polls, the majority of respondents answered questions about whether Trump has abused power, obstructed Congress, and committed bribery while in office overwhelmingly in the affirmative, and other polls the network has conducted show the president losing in head to head contests against each of the leading candidates vying for the Democratic nomination.


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This is apparently not something that the president wants to see on a network for which he likely feels responsible for providing a substantial ratings boost, so he took to Twitter to express his frustration.

Hold onto your seat now, because it is very possible that you will fall on the floor in paroxysms of laughter when you realize that Trump is actually asking Fox News to be less “Fair & Balanced!”

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Sounds like someone is jealous of all of the attention his bestie is paying to his rivals.

It’s tough when the patina wears off the shiny new toy and it’s no longer as novel and fun to play with as the newer and shinier glittering object that has appeared on the scene.


Luckily, the scuffed and half-broken old plaything that a child might disregard out of eventual boredom can’t bleat out its anger at its abandonment.

Unfortunately, our president can…and does…again and again.

When our transactional president sees his value going down in the eyes of his favorite propaganda partner, it’s a sign that something may be amiss.

It’s just that things have been amiss for three years now and this president is just realizing that he’s the only one who hasn’t realized it until now.

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