Trump coronavirus press conference fails to reassure an anxious public with Pence appointment


After proving that he is second to all in providing leadership as the global Coronavirus crisis continues to grow — sending tweets downplaying the danger of the threat the virus poses and seemingly more concerned with its effects on the stock market than on the health of the American people — Donald Trump finally addressed the nation this evening to attempt to demonstrate that his administration is completely on top of the developing health emergency surrounding the erupting pandemic.

After a brief preface expressing condolences to the victims of the shooting at the Molson Coors facility in Milwaukee, Trump immediately undercut the intended purpose of reassuring America by declaring that he was putting Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the government response to the coronavirus crisis.

In essence, Trump did exactly the same thing that he slammed then-President Obama for doing when he appointed someone without medical experience to oversee the government response to the Ebola crisis back in 2014.

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Of course, there’s a Trump tweet for everything.

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Given Pence’s track record slashing healthcare spending in Indiana when he was governor of that state — a policy widely credited for causing a massive HIV outbreak during his tenure — the appointment of the Vice President as the point person for the federal response to the outbreak inspired the president’s critics on Twitter to new heights of sarcasm and despair as they typed their outraged comments on the press conference as it was broadcast live.

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