George Conway imagines a GOP without the “psycho and buffoon” Trump as candidate


By now George Conway, the conservative Republican lawyer married to Donald Trump’s senior political advisor Kellyanne Conway, and his antipathy towards his wife’s boss has become legendary in the annals of GOP infighting.

As one of the most prominent of the traditionalist Republicans labeled “Never-Trumpers,” Mr. Conway has established a running Twitter commentary on the president’s every misstep and misdeed, while consistently reminding the public that not only is the wanna-be emperor not wearing any clothes but that he is certifiably mentally deficient and unstable as well.

This morning George engaged in a form of speculative fiction similar in concept to science fiction giant Phillip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, creating an imaginary scenario of a world where Donald Trump had not won the 2016 GOP presidential nomination and envisioning how the future political fortunes of his chosen party might be different had the establishment Republican had not caved in to allow such an obviously unqualified criminal to become their candidate.

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While Mr. Conway has become somewhat of a hero to the progressive left by his willingness to stand up to Donald Trump and say aloud what other establishment Republicans only mutter fearfully to themselves in private, he betrays his GOP roots with his ill-informed reference to Senator Bernie Sanders as a “barely (if at all) reconstructed communist.”


His political analysis of what a more “stable and competent” candidate could have accomplished as a GOP president, however, is both plausible and logical if a bit optimistic in its predictions of how Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney may have fared in a matchup against Hillary Clinton.

Alas, as in all fictional tales, one must eventually return to reality as Mr. Conway does in the third and final tweet in this particular thread.

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On this last point, it’s difficult to argue with Conway — no matter how much you may not want to see another Republican in the White House ever again — as he so ardently yearns for his party to regain its senses and its sense of morality.

It’s still good to know that at least one Republican has the courage to stand up a president who earns Conway’s description of psychosis and buffoonery on a daily basis.

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