Presidential catfight!: Trump goes for the jugular when Obama claims rightful credit for economy


You knew he couldn’t stay quiet after he saw Barack Obama’s President’s day tweet reminding America of exactly who rescued the nation from the worst recession in more than 70 years.

You can imagine the steam coming out of Donald Trump’s ears and deflating his carefully lacquered comb-over as he read his predecessor’s Twitter post — a post that sent him straight to his likely unsecured iPhone to bang out his resentful retort to the man who handed him a smoothly running job creation machine that he then proceeded to pretend he built himself.

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The lies, projection, and audacity of the biggest con artist in American presidential history denying his predecessor the credit he deserves for turning around an economy destroyed by the last round of republican greed and arrogance are difficult to stomach, but the comments on Trump’s ungrateful and vindictive tweet prove that his own gaslighting isn’t fooling anyone but the people who already swallow his B.S. whole and unfiltered by any reason or facts.

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Occupy Democrats’ own Brian Tyler Cohen, among others, weighed in with some inconvenient facts that proved that the venomous fluids slipping from Trump’s tiny little Twitter fingers were dripping with envious falsehoods and phony facts.

Still, you can present actual facts to Trump’s acolytes, and they will deny reality in favor of the president’s lies every time.

Be thankful for your sanity and ability to still resist the mass hallucinations that way too many Americans still experience when they come under the sway of the envious svengali of scams currently desecrating the Oval Office.

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