October 6, 2022

Don Jr. tries to use the Bible to trash Pelosi and gets it embarrassingly wrong

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This morning saw the Trump administration hold yet another National Prayer Breakfast, a bizarre and discomforting tradition that honestly has no place being held at all in a secular republic of diverse faiths with separation of church and state.


The sight was made even more bizarre by the presence of President Donald Trump, a manifestation of sin itself in human form who openly wears his contempt for religion on his sleeve while begrudgingly and insincerely jumping through hoops to appease his evangelical followers.

Today’s breakfast was turned into yet another partisan debacle by the president, who trashed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi without mentioning her by name, complaining that he doesn’t believe Speaker Pelosi is actually praying for him like she has said she does on multiple occasions.

Always the sycophantic yes-man, the President’s son Donald Trump Jr. jumped on Twitter to fire off what he must have thought was an extremely clever jab at the woman who led his father’s impeachment but instead embarrassingly made it clear that newly self-declared Christian Don Jr. has never picked up a Bible before in his life.

If his newfound religious devotion was anything more than a cynical attempt to pander to right-wing evangelical zealots, Don Jr. would know that Satan does quote the Scriptures in one of the most well-known Bible stories, when Satan tests Jesus in the Wilderness.

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Don Jr.’s ignorance does help make it clear to the rest of the nation that the Trump family is just as ignorant about religion as they are about everything else — and that the religious right would rather worship a false idol in exchange for power than hold true to the convictions they supposedly embrace.

Social media had a field day roasting him for his ignorance:

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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