Trump abruptly cancels presser to retweet nice things about himself after Romney impeachment vote

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Impeached President Donald John Trump is in hiding after a leading member of his own party announced he’ll be the first Senator to vote to convict him on one article of impeachment.

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Senator Mitt Romney ‘s (R-UT) vote to remove the president from the White House came along with a blistering speech (video below) condemning Trump’s scheme to extort a foreign nation for political dirt on the Bidens. “It’s officially a bipartisan impeachment,” declared Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a member of the House Intelligence Committee that investigated Trump’s scheme in Ukraine.

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PBS reports that Romney’s speech sent the normally camera-hungry Trump scurrying away from reporters.

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Without a doubt, the president went and locked in the Oval Office, watching television and seething at the betrayal of Mitt Romney and plotting his revenge. In order to make himself feel better, he took to Twitter to retweet some of the sycophantic pandering that his bootlicking minions constantly tweet out in the hopes that he’ll see it.

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“There is nothing more severe or egregious to our Constitution than corrupting an election,” Romney told Utah’s Deseret News, explaining his decision.  “In a democratic republic like ours, taking action to corrupt an election process is about as abusive an attack on the Constitution as I can imagine.” The Utah Republican put his finger on the crux of why Trump’s actions could only be malicious:

“It’s hard to imagine that the president would have done what he did were the name of the parties anything other than Biden,” Romney said.

Meanwhile, House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) took to Twitter to express vindication of his lengthy arguments, which required a large team of lawyers and staffers to prepare after months of hearings, a 300-page report, and a 119-page legal brief.

The theme of Schiff’s closing argument was “Enough,” and he returned to it in his public statement:

Romney’s  own niece, Ronna McDaniel Romney, who just so happens to be the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, took to Twitter to slam her Senator uncle, proving sadly that in the Republican Party, blood isn’t as thick as criminal coverups.

Other Senate Republicans have cobbled together a list of pitiful excuses not to vote against Donald Trump.

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They have ranged from “he’s guilty as sin, but let the voters decide” to an utterly ridiculous “not in the best interests of the country” to remove the President.

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One of the Vichy Republican Senators declared that the House managers “didn’t meet their burden of proof” despite GOP members refusing to allow witnesses to present to the trial the damning information they gave to the press.

But now there’s at least one Senate Republican brave enough — and confident enough in the support of his voters to defy the president’s bluster and threats in order to do the right thing and draw a line in the sand of history that says facts and the right thing to do does matters.

Here’s a clip of Sen. Romney’s speech on the Senate floor:


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