Trump calls Schiff “mentally deranged” in wild attack on impeachment trial


Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has proven himself to be one of this country’s finest public servants with his performance during the ongoing impeachment process. Even as our country struggles to grapple with the fact that we have a lawless ignoramus in the Oval Office insulated from consequences by a craven Republican majority in the Senate, Rep. Schiff has—through his bravery in the face of constant personal attacks and his stalwart belief in our democracy—reminded us what a true patriot looks like.

As an impeachment manager, Schiff has methodically and eloquently laid out the case against Trump. For those who have yet to seem them, his comments at the beginning of the Senate trial are well worth a watch. The American people are lucky to have Schiff working for us and if this impeachment has made one thing clear it’s that the Congressman from California would make a great senator should he choose to pursue higher office somewhere down the road.

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As an advocate for our democratic institutions and accountability, Schiff has naturally become one of President Trump’s favorite targets for harassment. Earlier today, the commander-in-chief took to Twitter to quote the talking heads from Fox & Friends—which at this point might as well be voices inside his head given the way they influence his every word and action—and slammed Schiff for California’s homelessness problem.

Trump claimed that Schiff’s district is in “terrible shape,” a grossly inaccurate description that also conveniently misrepresents the responsibilities of the Congressman. Representatives are elected to forward and protect their constituents’ interests in Washington D.C. The day-to-day governance and upkeep of districts are the purview of municipal and local officials. That said, it’s not surprising that someone as civically illiterate as Trump would make such a mistaken conflation.

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Trump went on to call Schiff a “corrupt pol,” which is a rich line of criticism coming from someone as obviously crooked as this president. The entire reason that Trump is being impeached is because he tried to use the vast powers of the Oval Office to force a foreign ally to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden in the hopes of undermining his 2020 prospects, going so far as to freeze almost $400 million in military aid to accomplish his scheme. Trump is a twisted paragon of corruption. Schiff is just doing his job.

“In my opinion he is mentally deranged!” Trump ended the tweet in a laughable display of projection. “Deranged” does not even begin to describe the kaleidoscope of perversions, insecurities, and cruelties that constitute the mind of Donald J. Trump.


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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.