September 26, 2022

Kellyanne Conway argues that Martin Luther King Jr. would oppose Trump’s impeachment

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White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway has achieved a new level of senseless and offensive blather in her defense of Donald Trump on this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday today.


Somehow Conway managed not only to insult the intelligence of people who actually know and care about Dr. King’s legacy and philosophy but to also use a double negative to undermine the entirely fallacious point she was trying to make.

NBC News correspondent Geoff Bennett tweeted out the response that the long-serving Trump political advisor gave when he asked her how the president was observing the national holiday commemorating the memory of the revered slain civil rights leader.

Add your name to tell McConnell to allow impeachment witnesses. We demand Trump get a fair trial!

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The disingenuous message that Conway tries to pass off by saying that Trump agrees with the principles of equality and unity is easily disproven by simply examining the president’s actions and behavior from long before he took office until the present — from his repeated “birther” claims that President Obama was not a U.S. citizen to his refusal to admit that he was wrong about the exonerated Central Park Five to his labeling of the neo-Nazi Charlottesville marchers as “very fine people.”

Perhaps Conway was sending a subtle message when she says she doesn’t think that Dr. King’s vision included having Americans face a process where Trump is NOT “going to be removed from office” and NOT “charged with bribery, extortion, high crimes and misdemeanors,” but having, in essence, said that King would have approved of both the charges and the president’s removal from office, she lets a rare admission of truth pass through her lips, if only accidentally.

Conway goes on to claim that those who care about “justice for all” will appreciate Trump’s “defense on the facts,” but surely at this point, she’s referring to the “alternative facts” that she so famously popularized as a synonym for the president’s invented reality.

If Conway truly wanted to respect the legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Lurther King Jr., perhaps she should stick to making statements that won’t inspire him to turn over in his grave.

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