August 17, 2022

Bombshell Lev Parnas interview gives Rachel Maddow her highest ratings ever

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The concept that the American people are overwhelmed by the constant barrage of impeachment-related news and are simply tuning out as they go about their daily lives was firmly disproved by the ratings garnered by Rachel Maddow’s interview with Lev Parnas, the singing canary of the Trump Ukraine scandal, on MSNBC Wednesday evening.


According to the cable news network, The Rachel Maddow Show attracted the highest number of total viewers in the program’s history with 4.5 million people tuning in to hear Parnas reveal that “President Trump knew exactly what was going on. He was aware of all my movements.”

The number of people who watched Maddow’s historic interview far exceeded those viewing her polar opposite on Fox News, Sean Hannity, who drew more than half a million fewer households to his program that evening. The Rachel Maddow Show also earned more than three times the ratings of rival CNN in the same time period.

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The spectacular ratings for the interview demonstrate that the interest in Trump’s impeachment is not being lessened by the constant exposure the topic has been getting on TV news or by any of Trump’s efforts at creating political distractions, whether they be his self-aggrandizing rallies or his militaristic actions towards Iran.

It also bodes well for the idea that a large number of Americans will be tuning into the televised Senate trial, putting any Republican Senators — who may hope that any dereliction of their constitutional duties to abandon partisan politics and judge the facts of the charges against Trump fairly and dispassionately will go unseen by the majority of their constituents — on notice.

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Anyone who missed the revelatory interview — which dropped an avalanche of incriminating accusations against the president just a week before his impeachment trial is scheduled to begin — can read the full transcripts of the two-part interview broadcast here and here.

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You can also watch a clip of the interview in the video below.

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Original reporting by Jason Easley at POLITICUSUSA.


Vinnie Longobardo

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