Trump campaign web site praises him for “anti-Semetic [sic] executive order”


For all of Donald Trump’s self-aggrandizement, it’s nevertheless undeniable that linguistic facility and spelling, in particular, are not among his minuscule list of strong points.

Neither is attention to detail if the latest embarrassing gaffe to emanate from his campaign website is to be considered.

The Trump campaign combined both misspelling with a probably Freudian misphrasing of the point they were attempting to make in a post on their site that was designed to allow his supporters to thank him for a list of supposed accomplishments.

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While the list includes the usual misleading claims of credit for accomplishments largely attributable to others or simple outright lies and exaggerations, the inclusion in the initial version of the web page of one item, in particular, has raised eyebrows for its prima facie sloppiness and its inadvertent resemblance to something close to the truth about the president’s actual intentions as he’s demonstrated in his campaign rhetoric during his raucous rallies.


BuzzFeedNews reporter Josh Billinson wasn’t the only person to notice the revealingly inadvertent — we hope — mistake.

Whether the first version of the page posted by the campaign was the result of a careless error, poor proofreading, or a clever and deniable intentional “mistake,” it didn’t take long for the Trump campaign staff to rectify the wording of that bullet point once social media started buzzing about it.

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The current version of that page now reads:

  • He signed an executive order to combat anti-Semitism

At least they got the spelling right this time.

Still, the internet never forgets, and luckily a few people were smart enough to get a screen capture of the original wording before the correction was made, leaving us with proof of the most on-brand thing that Trump has ever done, as one friend referred to the combination of incompetence and ill-intent that the mistake revealed.


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