August 19, 2022

Bush’s ex-ethics lawyer solves the homeless problem for Trump: give them housing in Trump Tower

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Among the many topics that Donald Trump has been consistently ranting about of late is the growing problem of homelessness, particularly the homelessness in San Francisco — the city where his adversary house speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district is situated — and his own hometown of New York City.


Trump’s animosity toward the homeless population in the United States comes as the poverty-stricken populace finds themself already suffering from the policies advocated by Trump and the Republican Party such as the massive cut in Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits— better known as food stamps— the refusal to further expand Medicaid, and the tightening of eligibility standards for social security disability.

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Trump’s policies and his obvious disgust for the squalor that the homeless population is often forced to live with stem from an antiquated, puritanical, and erroneous view of the reasons homelessness occurs — a view that attributes blame to the victims of homelessness themselves because of their supposed laziness and unwillingness to work hard enough rather than looking at the role that gentrification, the failure of the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, and the lack of affordable housing stock all play, particularly in New York and San Francisco, in forcing even adults working multiple minimum wage jobs onto the streets.

Seeing Trump’s diatribes blaming the homeless problems in New York and California on their Democratic political establishments, Richard Painter, a law professor who was previously the chief ethics lawyer in the G.W. Bush White House, posted a brilliant suggestion for solving the issue of housing shortages, at least in New York City.

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Painter’s solution is actually a win-win-lose situation if you’re Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, who would surely rather be selling their gilded condos to Saudi royalty or Russian gangsters as they have in the past.

As for the homeless in New York, they will likely be able to overcome any ethical objections they have to being associated with their nemesis, the president, in exchange for affordable rent and the promise that they won’t have to see Trump on a daily basis.

In our dreams, we can only hope that Congress can mandate this solution after Trump is convicted of the charges on which he is being impeached as partial restitution for his treasonous attempts at the destruction of American democracy.

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Original reporting by James Walker at Newsweek.

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