October 6, 2022

Trump’s deteriorating mental state slammed by George Conway in Sunday tweet storm

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Not a day goes by without a tweet from noted “Never Trump” Republican attorney George Conway pointing out the national insanity inherent in the presidency of Donald Trump.


In Conway’s point of view, the derangement stems from the mental instability and psychological impairment implicit in the narcissistic personality disorder that multiple psychiatric professionals have diagnosed Trump as exemplifying.

Conway’s Twitter feed today was overflowing with evidence of Trump’s mental disorders that the husband of one of the president’s top advisors just couldn’t help but try to impress upon the public at large.

McConnell admitted coordinating impeachment with Trump. Add your name to demand he recuse himself from the trial!

Mr. Conway dedicated an extraordinary number of his retweets on Sunday to the posts of Propane Jane, a Twitter activist who has been documenting Trump’s psychological issues throughout his presidency. Taken as a collection, Propane Jane’s tweets are a scathing indictment to the members of Trump’s cabinet for not having already invoked the 25th Amendment which governs the procedures surrounding what happens when a president becomes incapacitated.

Here’s a sampling of the tweets to which George Conway provided an even wider circulation:

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Having gorged himself on the copious evidence of the president’s psychiatric unfitness for office, Mr. Conway used the info to interpret Trump’s recent tweets attacking the governance of both Nancy Pelosi’s home city of San Francisco and his hometown of New York City and state.

It’s no surprise to discover that Conway is convinced of the mental defectiveness of Donald Trump’s psyche, particularly since he’s now pinned this tweet from a few days ago to the top of his Twitter page in the hopes of convincing at least of few Republican senators to acknowledge reality and break with partisan considerations as they evaluate the articles of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives.

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One has to wonder why the only Republicans willing to call the president out on his literal insanity are people like George Conway who hold no elective office and have no fear of being primaried out of work by the rabid pro-Trump faction of the GOP.

Still, given his wife’s position as one of the few advisors left from the very beginnings of Trump’s term in office, the Conway family seems destined to at least temporarily lose part of its income stream if the president is removed from office.

The fact that this doesn’t deter George Conway from persistently warning the nation about the dangers that a psychologically unstable president is a tribute to his ability to put his concern for the country and our democracy over his own self-interest and that of his political party. For that alone, he should be lauded.

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