Don Jr. joins his dad in trying to swing Dem impeachment votes and Twitter explodes in mockery


As his father tweeted out lies to try to convince Democratic legislators in the House of Representatives who were elected from districts that supported him in 2016 to vote against impeachment, Donald Trump Jr. joined the bandwagon as a rabble-rouser of Trump’s base, urging them to contact their congresspeople to pressure them to believe the president’s weak defense of his impeachable offenses rather than the clear evidence presented during the House investigations.

In the one kernel of truth contained in his tweet, Don Jr. proceeded to post the names, Twitter handles, and congressional office phone numbers of 31 legislators whom he deemed persuadable by a massive constituent response in his efforts to prevent his father from becoming only the third American president to be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors in the nation’s history.

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The president’s eldest son can’t be faulted for trying to help his father given the overwhelming evidence for his conviction in the two articles of impeachment that the House is set to vote upon this week — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Add your name to demand Republicans stop repeating Putin’s dangerous propaganda to defend Trump’s crimes!

Still, the Twitter response to his posts could lead one to question whether his attempts will gain more action than derision.




Judging from the responses above, Trump Jr.’s scheme to energize the president’s base to call the Democratic representatives may have backfired spectacularly.

How convenient it is to have a list of potentially vulnerable congresspeople to call and tweet our encouragement and support to as they vote to give America the best holiday gift we could imagine: a Senate trial of our corrupt president! Now use that list as often as you can and give Don Jr. the gift that his tweet deserves.

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