Cadets at Army-Navy game Trump attended flash apparent white power signals on TV coverage


While Donald Trump’s appearance at the Army-Navy football game reportedly garnered him more cheers than jeers in a reversal of his more recent appearances at sporting events, the relatively receptive crowd included a group of West Point army cadets who were most decidedly fans of the president if their frequent display of white power hand gestures on camera were any indication.

Twitter was full of posts from indignant TV viewers of the annual football competition between the Army’s West Point team and the Naval Academy’s Annapolis-based team who tweeted footage of cadets — apparently emboldened by the presence of a president who is willing to pardon war criminals — jockeying to get their white power hand signs on camera.

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With the preponderance of negative reactions to the foolish cadets who were flashing their racist gestures, the Pentagon would normally be looking to punish the perpetrators of this type of behavior that reflects so poorly on their branch of the armed forces and make an example out of their transgression to prevent a future recurrence.


In the age of Trump, however, it’s uncertain whether Army brass will risk alienating a president whose own opinion of white supremacy consists of calling its advocates “very fine people” and who was willing to completely undermine the Code of Military Justice to please his political base by pardoning convicted war criminals.

With the president apparently more interested in bolstering his reelection by appealing to the considerable number of white supremacists among his base than in maintaining military discipline, it gives Congress yet another increasingly urgent reason to move forward with impeachment and remove this divisive presidential imposter from the office he has no qualifications to hold outside of the mere continuance of his heartbeat.

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