August 16, 2022

Resistance holiday gift guide: the best sites to find anti-Trump merch for your friends and family

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With people still emerging from their Thanksgiving tryptophan-laden turkey-induced stupor, the news has slowed to a crawl as politicians left Washington DC to return to their hometowns for the holidays.


Even Twitter has been relatively free of new posts from Donald Trump as his formerly prodigious output of tweets has dwindled to a trickle of a couple of lonely retweets and a rally announcement, leaving a political news writer with little fodder upon which to base his daily quota of stories.

In this brief interval between Back Friday and Cyber Monday with the holiday gift-buying season now in full swing, it now seems like the perfect time to highlight the gifts available to purchase for your Trump-detesting friends and family.

This highly unscientific and subjective survey implies no endorsement of any particular product or merchant but is simply a list of some of the web sites that sell the more interesting products available to help your impeachment-hungry pals express their inner frustration that Trump remains in office despite the heaps of evidence that suggests that he should be removed immediately.

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

We are not receiving any percentage of sales or any other kickback from the vendors highlighted, so you can be assured that the sites and gifts featured in this article are free of any bias outside of the obvious political one.

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The methodology involved in compiling the list was simple: just type “anti-Trump merchandise” into your search engine of choice and follow the links until you find something that tickles your fancy. Here’s a brief summary of what we found:

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A wide assortment of anti-Trump gifts is available at this online shopping site, ranging from T-shirts to magnets to bumper stickers all with messages that anyone opposing the Trump administration would be proud to have for their own. With most items selling for under $30 and some as low as under $2, it won’t cost much to show someone that you appreciate their activism.


We weren’t quite sure what to expect from an online emporium named “RedBubble,” but typing “anti-Donald Trump” into the search bar on the site brings up a range of t-shirts and stickers that mostly fit the bill. Peruse the merchandise carefully though, because a few pro-Trump items did creep into the search results of this website which features items created by independent artists at prices mostly under $30.


With a selection of goods more heavily weighted towards low-cost patches and enamel pins, is the perfect place to find a stocking stuffer for the resisters in your life.


You’ll find an even wider selection of artist-designed merchandise targeted at those who detest Donald Trump on with choices ranging from coffee mugs with inspiring slogans to a “Trump-scented candle” with a tassel of orange hair, all at prices far less than the taxes paid by many of the most profitable corporations in the United States.

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While many people may not want to patronize Amazon because of any one of a number of reasons — its failure to pay any corporate income tax, its decimation of the brick and mortar retail stores, its failure to provide decent working conditions for its warehouse workers, or the concentration of wealth possessed by its CEO Jeff Bezos — it’s worth remembering that Bezos also owns one of the newspapers that Trump loves to hate the most, The Washington Post, and that if you’re already an Amazon Prime member you can get many items with free two day delivery.

Careful though, hidden among the numerous anti-Trump tchotchkes are a few pro-Trump items placed there through paid sponsorship, leading one to wonder whether the Russians have found another insidious way to influence the next election through strategic on-line advertising.

In what is hopefully the last holiday season while Trump remains president, it’s good to remember the adage that it is better to give than to receive and even better to give a gift that may contribute in some small way to Trump’s removal from office. Happy shopping!

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